About me

I am Meagan: a self-professed info maniac, follower of Jesus Christ, sugar-holic and fitness loving mama of two spunky daughters. While most people in high school were known for talents such as dance or volleyball or musical skills, I was known for my love of Journalism and that love has never faded. I spend my time reading current events, immersing myself in historical fiction novels, learning about new cultures and journaling the passions within my heart. In my spare time, I offer freelance writing services, write for Her View From Home, contribute for Today Parenting, serve on the Dallas Regional Council for Make-A-Wish North Texas, and formerly, a contributor for Fort Worth Moms Blog.  

My blogging adventure began in 2010 shortly after I found out I was pregnant with our first child. What started as a hobby soon became a part of our family that chronicled the ups and downs of parenting, our successes and failures in the real world, and our spiritual growth as our faith in Jesus Christ was renewed. Writing soon became my safe place. As the reach of our personal, family blog grew, so did the risks. In September of 2016, I stumbled on some disturbing activity that led me to the heart-wrenching decision to make our personal blog private.  Consumed with the writing bug, in January 2016, I decided to launch this simple website.  Rebuilding hasn’t been easy but it’s worth it.

Before having children, I was a 7th grade language arts teacher, with experience ranging from inner city to suburbia, teaching ESL students who didn’t know a lick of English to my final year teaching only GT students. This wide range of students greatly impacted not only my teaching experience but also my world view. Most importantly, my years in the classroom gave me such incredible insight on the importance of child-rearing in the youngest of years.

This life we live all began at the University of North Texas back in the fall of 2000 when I met my soon-to-be husband. After my roommate, and best friend since Kindergarten, first met Adam, she declared that we most certainly were going to get married. I looked at her like she was crazy and swore he was just my best friend. Adam took care of me from the very first day he met me. Despite being “just friends,” he always put me first. He hadn’t fooled by best friend a bit–she knew from the beginning, then he met my parents and stole their hearts, and six months later, almost one year to the day we met, he stole mine. We graduated college in 2003 and 2004 and got married in March of 2005. Our happily ever after was as every bit of rough as most college-sweetheart newlyweds lives are. We kept waiting for the perfect time to have kids but soon learned, there truly is no perfect time to start a family. Five years into our marriage, we welcomed our first daughter into the world. Undoubtedly, for many reasons, this was the hardest yet most rewarding year of our lives. It was a year that knocked us down, but allowed Christ to come in and save our brokenness and renew our faith. In 2013, we welcomed our second daughter and that leads us where we are today.

Thanks for following along in my stories of a thirty-somethings mama, navigating this dark world using His bright light.