The Glory of a Mama's Happy Hour

I finally get it.

Happy Hour, that is.

And I’ve realized that after all these years of Girls Night, we’ve actually been doing it wrong.

Happy Hour is where it’s at.

Patio Talk.

Three hours of uninterrupted bliss and still home to catch up on a nightly show, read a few chapters of the latest book, even write a little.

No getting dressed, no rushing around to get dinner on and kids ready for bed before leaving, yet home just after they’ve coasted off into dreamland. #yes

That’s what we did tonight.

Six of us mamas threw our normal late night meet-up time to the wind, met up at 5:30, circled around a patio, subtle breeze (okay hurricane force winds), wine in hand, sharing our hearts, erupting in laughter, sympathizing with each other’s struggles, cheering on achievements. Each in different seasons, walking different paths, but with one common denominator: the love of a believer.

I cherish these friendships something fierce. These women are so beautifully raw. They are such fighters in their places of brokenness while standing as the biggest cheerleader for their friends, no matter their circumstance.

Some people may say friendships with women are just too hard and too complicated.

They are an extent. I get it. I've been there, too, and still feel the effects. I don’t know if being hated for someone I’m not will ever lose its sting, but that’s not why I am here.

I am here to tell you that the right friendships, the ones in which will enrich your life, bring you closer to Jesus, and complete your life, aren’t dramatic.

Maybe for you it’s just that one friend or maybe it’s five. But my biggest word of advice in achieving and sustaining these friendships is this:

Be transparent. Be free. Be you. Be confident in your friendships. Show up in athleisure. Show up with unwashed hair and no make-up. Allow them to come into your messy, unkempt house (ahem, working on this one). Allow them to see your struggle and allow them to help you through it.

If you show them who you are at the core—in your rawness—they will show you who they are too. And if they don’t, maybe they aren’t for you.

Don’t be jealous. Don’t gossip. Don’t pit one another against each other. Don’t compare. Say you're sorry. Keep your commitments to your friends. Go to one another in love.

But whatever you do with those precious girlfriends of yours, make sure girls night's that start at 5:30
stay at the top of your list.

Because really, when they call it “happy” hour, it’s just that: the happiest hour where you’re all free to be yourself and not mama for a few hours. Not the one who had to bathe and feed the kids before girls night, then get dressed to show her friends her cuteness (because let’s be real—we don’t dress for men). Be the one who is still in workout clothes with a messy bun and Old Navy flip flops. It’s okay to be the one who still wants to go to bed by 9:30, but wants to laugh with her friends a little before. Because deep down inside, that’s all we really want: a little balance, a little mama time, a little community.

Don’t wait 8 years to figure this out like we did. Do it now and thank me later.

Cheers, mama tribes.
{PS: I didn’t even have wine; I borrowed my friend’s glass. #truth 😂}

Originally posted at The Love Filled Way, Facebook.

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