A Mama Fail but Mama Village Win

This right here is the product of my mom village.

I had a major mom fail yesterday.

After school on Thursday, my tender-hearted seven-year-old lugged into the car and immediately burst into tears.

“Something bad happened today, Mom. Really bad,” she cried.

Looking back in my rear view mirror, she was clearly distressed and I was instantly worried. She’s never done this before.

“My Dorothy costume never came in and we can’t get it from the internet overnight.”

Instant facepalm.

“Carter is the tin man and Grace is the lion and then there are the munchkins. Lyla is Glenda,” as the tears continued.

Her Dorothy isn’t here because I never ordered it and the guilt that filled me was fierce.

Fast forward to Monday night when she excitedly exclaimed that they had finished reading The Wizard of Oz in class and they got to dress up as characters on Friday. For the last month, she and her friends have been enacting scenes from Oz on the playground.

I knew how much this meant to her.

My husband and I both nodded and I immediately went to my Amazon app and added Dorothy to the cart.

That’s when the four-year-old said for the third time, “Mama, my head really hurts really really bad,” with a huge wince and lots of rubbing.

She crawled in my lap and I knew something was wrong.

Thirty minutes later, at 6:30, she was asleep with a 102 fever.

Needless to say, I never went back to hit submit.

Rewind back to yesterday.

It was 3:15. We had gymnastics from 4-5 and somewhere else to be at 6.

I had 45 minutes to create Dorothy.

That’s when my mom village stepped to the plate.

A quick group text later and we had secured a dress, an offer for a back up dress, while another friend suggested spray painting sparkly shoes, then said friend with the dress threw in a basket and Toto.

Just like that, her Dorothy was created.

It wasn’t just the fact that they stepped up to the plate and delivered with ideas and items, but also it was their support and encouragement and laughter while digging me out of this major mom fail, that my heart is so grateful for.

Sometimes as a mama and a wife and a human, I think I have to be able to do it all and be it all, all the time. Times like these remind me that I can’t. I am not crafty nor creative, but my friends are. And there are things I am that they are not. We lean on each other’s strengths and boost one another in moments of weakness.

While we do this in many small ways day in and day out, they showed up big today and I am so thankful!

Originally posted at The Love Filled Way, Facebook

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