Gaining Strength.

Strength. It is not acquired. It is not freely given away. And you cannot pay for it to magically appear within you.

Strength is earned. It is worked for. It is filled with determination, grit, passion, hope, heartbreak, pain, and chapter upon chapter of failure.

But then, at some point, it all changes. You realize that everything you were up against was for a reason. Every storm was full of nourishment. Every door closed, as they all said, really was a door opened. Each turned back, every broken heart, the endless trail of tears was all for good, even if it was so bitter and so ugly for days, months, years.

The path that led you to today wasn't easy. Maybe it's shameful. Maybe it's angry. Maybe it's a secret.

There may be a lot of things that you aren't, but the one thing you are is STRONG. You survived and you have a strength that no amount of money can buy and that no human can steal from you without you allowing them to.

The late nights, the sacrifices, the never-ending work. The shame, the brokenness, the embarrassment, the mistakes, the anger, the betrayal, the pain, the regret, the sadness.

It all served a purpose: to transform you into the beautiful, unapologetically strong soul that you are today.

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