Part II: Cabo is Magical. "Some Kind of Special"

{Part 3 of 5} 

Morning came slowly. We slept in. We were so refreshed. Then we looked at the clock to see it was 6:30am! We had the whole day ahead of us and we were feeling wonderfully rested. We got dressed and headed down to the beach to do our first session of sunrise yoga. And yes, by “we” I mean Adam, too. This experience was simply divine. Something I had personally been looking forward to since we booked the trip. Waves crashing, sun rising, sun salutations, the stretch of your body. Amazing. 

After yoga, we grabbed some homemade granola, wild bee honey, and yogurt and stared out at the ocean from our balcony as the sun continued to rise. Adam dozed off as I headed downstairs to experience what I was soon to find to be one of the best spa experiences yet. When I was pregnant, we stayed at the Ritz Lake Las Vegas and I had the absolute best prenatal massage ever. It still has yet to be beat. But then I walked into Eforea Spa. 

Hilda was some kind of special.

Her kind smile was a ruse for the work her hands could do. She not only had beautiful aromas filling the room, but she used gentle strength as she maneuvered my body in all sorts of ways, stretching me further after yoga. Simply divine. I enjoyed some time in the whirlpool with my novel before greeting 

Around 3, we headed up to La Vista Club for some snacks and to prepare to head into town. We had wanted to check out El Arco up in Cabo San Lucas and some restaurants and locations that had come highly recommended to us, so got cleaned up and hopped in a cab. 

We first stopped at Bar Esquina. Great place with awesome hand crafted cocktails. Adam went for the jalapeno margarita while I went for a pear-mint refreshing spritzer. We finished up those drinks and headed down to a place called “The Office.” Maybe it was the day or an event going on that we didn’t know about, but that was NOT our scene. Fun, nonetheless to experience the town and see the Mexican flair. I personally loved all of the Mexican pharmacies. I have no idea why I am so surprised that you don’t have to have prescriptions for anything. No wonder there are so many superbugs out there. Ha. We hopped on a boat taxi and headed to see Lover’s and Divorce Beaches, El Arco, and a few others amazing Cabo rock formations. It was a quick and fun ride to get out on the ocean, see the sea lions, breathe the salty air and enjoy God’s creation. 

After the ride, we found Edith’s. Edith’s came highly recommended but we were told we would have had to have reservations MONTHS in advance if we wanted to dine there. It was around 5:30pm when we walked by and decided to just give it a try. We didn’t need a great table. Just a place to sit. We were pleasantly surprised when the waiter took us to a little table along the bougainvillea, with one of the few views of the sea and rock formations. We happily obliged and were not disappointed for the remainder of our time spent there.

The ambiance. The impeccable service. The fragrant aroma of stargazer lilies. The roar of waves. The breeze. The delicious food. The romantic trio. It’s a hidden gem nestled in a busy corridor of Medano Beach, but once you’re inside, you are transformed to another world.  The evening began with our waiter putting the freshly caught seafood and steaks, followed by being invited to take part in the making of our table side bananas flambé and then being serenaded by Trio Romantico.  

We made it back to the resort right before sunset. We walked about and enjoyed the beautiful sunset and evening. The ocean and pool were completely still and the colors of the sky were perfect. We sat out on the pool deck in the swings and just laughed about silly stuff and enjoyed each other’s company. It was all too much to take in. All the beautiful colors. All the beautiful Mexican smiles. All the beautiful moments of remembering what we love so much about one another.

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