Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand
A few days before Spring Break, my seven year old jumped in the car after school and was ON FIRE for some sort of Nutella-Graham Cracker-Strawberry concoction homemade treat to be sold in a lemonade-stand-type fashion.

Needless to say, I was confused.

“Em (her best friend and neighbor) is going to do the lemonade and I’m going to do the ‘nutella surprise’ ... TODAY. Right now. Do we have any poster board,” she exclaimed!

Truthfully, I was worn out just from hearing about this grand idea. Nutella surprise? Poster board? And those Pinterest lemonade stands sure are cool, but, yah. No.

We met up on the street a few minutes later with Em and her mom and they instantly dove back into their idea.

“Remember....we named it Blue Mockingbird Cafe and we are giving all of the money we make to charity,” Em excitedly went on.

Whoa, charity?

I had already realized just how serious these two girls were, but when they said charity, it suddenly took on an entirely new meaning.

These two first graders decided all on their own at recess that they were going to raise money for Make-A-Wish America by selling treats and lemonade. They knew exactly what they needed, but needed just a little bit of help getting there.

Suddenly, I took their vision a bit more seriously.

Over the course of the following week, we made signs, bought ingredients for homemade cookies (because what exactly was Nutella surprise anyway), made the dough, baked the cookies, did math problems to figure out how many we had, took inventory (for fun), squeezed the lemons, and eventually, set up shop.

I don’t know why I thought thirty minutes in, they’d be tired and over it.

Had they not already repeatedly proven me wrong?

Two and a half hours later, we were dragging them away from the street, with way more earnings than we could have ever expected.

Persistence. Dedication. Passion. Teamwork. Excitement. Joy. Patience. Rejection. Hard work. Timing. Sweat. Rejoicing. Planning. Replanning. Organization.

Each word describes a lesson learned while preparing for and manning their “simple little lemonade stand.”

Truth is.... a lemonade stand can teach us all so much about what it takes to pursue what your heart desires. Whether it’s a lemonade stand, a start up-business, writing adventure, or activity you’ve always loved but have been afraid to try, what it takes to pursue that love must be full of determination and mostly, PASSION.

Tonight, two little seven year old girls are going to bed exhausted but so proud of their efforts in raising $220.50 benefitting Make-A-Wish North Texas.

.....All because of a dream turned into a vision turned into reality. 

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