Doing That Tourist Thing in Chicago, Day Two.

Weekending in the Windy City brought me so much excitement.

As a total introvert, I absolutely could not wait to get to the American Writers Museum.

Y'all.  That place rocked my world so much, that I have an entire post dedicated to it.

One of my favorite quotes I read while there:

"Work on one thing at a time until it is finished. Don't be nervous.  Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.  Keep human! See people, go places, drink if you feel like it.  Write first and always.  Painting, music, friends, cinema, all these come afterwards."  -Henry Miller

Yes, y'all.  All the yesses to Mr. Miller and his view on writing.

I was so utterly moved my the entire history of American writers and how they transformed history.  Writing is so my thing. History is so my thing.  It gives me so much joy and rarely, if ever at all, feels like work to me.  This is why I have decided to wholeheartedly pursue it in my free time.

The American Writer's Museum is meant to be a short museum, but for those love reading and writing plus history, it's a total must.  If you dig words, check out my post devoted solely to this hidden gem of a museum.

I stayed at the AWM far longer than expected and worked up quite the appetite while there.

Afterward, I walked a block over and enjoyed a delicious meal at Giordanos!  It was fried and saucy and awesome.  When walking the city, one can afford all the fried she can get.  And she can afford a quick stop off at the Nutella Cafe of Chicago too!  :)

So there were two more major things I needed to accomplish on this day off.

and a nap.

So without a single hesitation, I hit up the local Starbucks, put on pajamas and curled up with a good book that inevitably let to a nice nap!

The night was capped with another work event for the husband and a DELICIOUS dinner at another Chicago staple, Portillos, "Home to America's favorite Italian beef, burgers, salads, Chicago-style hot dogs, and chocolate cake."

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