Light Is Greater Than Darkness

The words.

Even for me, a magnet to deep emotion and a lover of words, trying to articulate my thoughts feels impossible.

I cannot imagine being a parent of a child who did not come home last night.

I cannot imagine being a teacher, giving her all to protect every child she can against the spray of gunshots just outside her door. She's praying hard for protection of her family should something happen to her, yet values these students so much more than her own life.

I cannot imagine being a child who witnessed limp bodies of friends, classmates, and teachers, as he ran for his own safety. The trauma. The fear. Or being the parent of that child: oh, the devastation of the things your innocent baby can never unsee.

I cannot imagine being a spouse whose love never made it home for dinner. The searing loss only mildly comforted by heroism.

I cannot imagine being a first responder, resuscitating a child on a sidewalk outside of a school, where no child should even fear the loss of the their own life.

I cannot imagine being a school administrator or grief counselor counseling the hundreds, thousands, of children trying to figure out "why not me."

And the reality is, for all the devastation, mental anguish and heartbreak that America feels today, only that community will continue to grieve that loss for years to come.

We have become numb, America, to this new normal.

As a parent of a young child, I wonder if I should have talked about this with her first before sending her out the door this morning, full of anxiety that another classmate will tell her first. Yet my heart just can't go there. Can't get to the point where I sit down with my seven year old and implant fear within her that bad guys with guns really do enter schools with the goal to have a bloodier bath than the guy before them.

Truth is, I need to prepare her make sure she knows what to do.

But more importantly, I need to make sure she knows Jesus.

Nothing I say or do can alleviate her fear, or my own fear, or prepare her like our Lord.

I can't offer a single solution. I can't hear another debate or political tirade. History has proven these debates get us no where.

We can do everything in our power to stop these school shootings (and we should). We can mandate metal detectors, place armed SRO's at every campus, enforce stricter gun control, reform mental healthcare, and closely monitor broken children, but one thing will still remain:


Evil is not something any law, any reform or any metal detector can end, and as long as there is evil in this world, tragedy will continue.

All I can offer today is the simple hope that more and more people will come to Jesus, seek His shelter, place their faith in Him. Nothing of or in this world can comfort us, but the everlasting salvation that Christ offer can. Knowing that He will one day return and eradicate this evil gives me glimmers of hope when facing the grim and devastating realities of our world.

Someday evil will end and there will be a Light that darkness can no longer hide.

{As originally shared on the Love Filled Way Facebook page.}

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