{Testimony Tuesday} An Extraordinary Call

The day seemed so ordinary when it began.

Cold and dark. Misty and gray.

Staying home curled up with a book was dreamt about, but the reality was quite the opposite. I had stuff to do. TODAY.

As my morning trudged on with the monotonous driving from errand to errand, I felt a strong, unknown pull in my heart. The pull grew stronger and stronger as I moved closer and closer to a familiar area in which I frequent often, but I was oblivious to where my heart was so intensely leading me.

I pulled out of the parking lot, and nearly unconsciously turned straight into the cemetery in which my grandmother is buried. Despite not have visiting her years, I pulled right up to the garden in which she was buried amongst thousands of other loved ones. I got out of my car and began pleading to the Lord to lead me to her. It was cold. Wet. And slightly miserable.

Before I knew it, I had stumbled upon her gravesite.

Guilt first. Why didn't I bring flowers? Why has it taken me so long to visit her? Then tears. Hot, steamy, uncontrollable tears.

Oh, how I missed this strong, vivacious woman. Taken unexpectedly, two weeks after my first daughter was born.

The Circle of Life.

I prayed.  I talked.  I reminisced.  I missed.  Just the two of us for a few short minutes. 

Leaving her stung, but I knew exactly where I needed to go next. She loved, and I mean loved, taking me to Braums. There isn't a time I don't eat Braums without thinking of her. So naturally, my errands were scratched for a little date by myself to Braums.

The thing about Braums is that it is right by the car dealership in which I have a salesman, turned friend, over the last 14 years of working with him.

And the thing about Mimi is that she LOVED cars. L O V E D. When she could no longer drive, she would pull a lawn chair up in her garage and stair at her car. She loved them that much.

So after Braums, to visit the car dealership it was.

And oddly and somewhat unexpectedly, I drove off that lot with a new car a few hours later.  
A car Mimi would have persuaded my to get. 

While I am a strong Believer, I am not one who frequently intercepts spiritual feelings of someone who has passed. But that day, I knew Mimi was with me all. day. long.

I thought that was the end of our day together, but soon I would learn, that was just the beginning of what she really needed from me.

It wasn't to eat at Braums or get a new car. 

It was my heart. My soul. My service.

One week later, I received a phone call from an unknown number. Laying on the couch not feeling 100%, I answered.  It was a local volunteer for Meals on Wheels.

Three years prior, I had filled out an application and gone through all of the steps to become a Meals on Wheels delivery volunteer.  Mimi was so gracious of her Meals on Wheels meals and I really wanted to not only give back to an organization in which she loved and benefitted from, but also one in which my children could partake. Not to mention, the growth of personal relationships that we could grow with our recipients. Unfortunately, Meals on Wheels did not have route that we could pick up.  Slowly, over time, the desire faded and we went on with our lives. 

But this call.  This call was out-of-the-ordinary.  

The woman on the other line introduced herself and said that she was charged with cleaning out the database of volunteers, throwing away inactive applications, etc.  She found mine and her heart was pricked.  She could not figure out why, but she flagged me.  Then she found my hard copy application and just could not stop thinking about me. 

Why, she did not know.  

She asked me if I would be interested in taking a local route, just one day a month.  I needed it to be a Monday so that Blakely could join and sure enough, it was.  A bit further into the conversation, she told me she hoped that I didn't mind, but she felt something so divine about what her heart was feeling.  

So I asked her what day all of this occurred.  

Last Tuesday. 

Last Tuesday was her answer. 

Last Tuesday was the day I made an impromptu visit to my grand mother's grave. 

Last Tuesday, I knew she was with me.  

Last Tuesday, I think she was with the volunteer at Meals on Wheels, too. 

Last Tuesday, Mimi was preparing for a divine encounter with an organization that needs my help. 

Last Tuesday, God was with us too. 

And really, friends, there is no moment in one's life more moving than knowing that you were walking with God and walking with the Spirit of someone whom influenced you so greatly 

I hung up the phone and sat quietly for minute.  Stunned.  Awestruck.  Moved. And then emotional.  

Words can't really describe a moment like that.  

The only thing to do is to thank Jesus for this intimate moment with my grandmother.  Thank the Holy Spirit for His guidance and thank God for mercy.  

Needless to say, I will be starting my new route with Meals on Wheels in the coming weeks.  

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