Embracing the Challenge within the Burn of Awkward

Sometimes you show up somewhere and barely know a soul. It's strange and it's awkward and you wonder why you committed in the first place.

Last night was one of those nights for me. It was brutally awkward. Ten times more painful than I ever expected.

Here I stood, in a G O R G E O U S home being featured by a real estate partner with the magazine in which was hosting the party, lucky if one person even squeaked out a hello in my direction, totally focused on how out of place I was, how I simply did not fit in.

But then it hit me. This. This is where development begins. This is the moment when growth is born. Will I ever grow if I constantly run from what makes me feel such discomfort? In said discomfort, there is so much challenge.

So I took the challenge. I stepped out. I didn't run home ten minutes later.

Instead, I smiled and said to myself...

"Get out there. Stretch yourself. Feel the burn of awkward and do it again and again and again. Life starts when you exit the comfort zone."

Maybe life didn't start with this one challenge, but the more I push myself, the more the growth starts to take root. I feel the root and I am determined to not let insecurities of not being enough, not fitting in, not being like the others, not being "professional" or whatever it is, stop me from being comfortable.

On my way out, I snapped a selfie with the signage out front as a reminder to BE MYSELF wherever I go. A reminder to myself to not count the people whom I had a meaningful conversation with, but count the courage it took to step through those doors in the first place.

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