Doing That Tourist Thing in Chicago, Day One.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities in America, so when the husband invited me out on a work trip, I couldn't get my bag packed fast enough!

While I have enjoyed the beautiful summertime that Chicago has to offer, I have never experienced the Windy City when it's windy and cold.  As a native Texan, I was super worried about how I would freeze to death, but we got SUPER lucky that the weather was unseasonably warm weather.  

Let me just say, I love Chicago no matter the weather. 

The people. 

I just loved everyone I came in contact with.  
It took all I had not to sit down with the homeless and hear their stories. 

The history. 

The history of the architecture and the buildings had me hooked. 

I could have spent all day reading about Chicago and still wouldn't have barely scratched the surface.  

Living in suburbia, being in the center of downtown bustling city where pedestrians just ebbed and flowed down the crowded streets just filled me with energy.  

Shortly I arrived, a good friend from high school who I hadn't seen in 18 years and I met up.  He showed me around, taking me to the Chicago Institute of Art and Revival Food Hall, both places that I could write an entire post on in itself.  Maybe someday I will.  :) 

After taking a quick tour of downtown Chicago, I met up with Adam and we went to Harry Carey's, a unique Chicago staple known for their sports memorabilia.  With a past tied to Al Capone, this history buff was all over it! 

We had an early night as Adam had a big show to do on Saturday and I had MAJOR tourism plans to tackle, all on my lonesome.  

Day Two Agenda:
sleeping in

latte + reading

American Writers Museum

Nutella Cafe Chicago



dinner with the husband

Living the introvert dream! 

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