Doing That Chicago Thing, Day Three.

Finally, my husband was all wrapped up at work and we could be tourists together!

Y'all.  This was THE BEST day!

Our 13th wedding anniversary is in three weeks and we celebrated it with the most lovely date day in our history!

In our typical fashion, for the get go, memories were made!

Just two tourists...
Trying to use a coffee cup...
As a photographer...

We started off a Millennium Park as unexpected spectators for a Sunday morning ice-skating show! Parked right behind the Cloud Gate, where of course we had to join then hundreds of other tourists in snapping a pic, we viewed the amateur ice skaters flip and spin across the ice!  After all, we needed a little motivation for our ice skating trip just around the corner at Maggie Daley Park.

Oh my Lord.  We were so afraid this was going to be the end of us, but surprised, we fared quite well!  We got our workout in ice skating The Ribbon, a ribbon shaped ice skating rink with a rock climbing wall in the middle, Lake Michigan off to the west and a beautiful park in the distance, all boasting a gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline.

Our appetites were good and strong post skating, so we walked over to the Shake Shack for some classic burgers and fries!  So good.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the Magnificent Mile!

Eventually, we ended up back in the room for a quick nap, then got all dressed up for our most highly anticipated event of the evening:  dinner at RPM Steakhouse.  But first, we stopped off at the old Knickerbocker hotel, a hotel whose claim to fame is creating the very first Martini!  That was an experience for another day, and it had nothing to do with the martinis or the hotel. :)

Soon after, we made our way to RPM.


If you’re ever in Chicago, you MUST dine RPM Steak.

I can’t even begin to give their chefs and staff enough compliments to do them service. We started with a sample of the vanilla and bourbon glazed bacon, followed by a wedge salad. Both completely ridiculous.

The steak melted in our mouth alongside the most perfectly rich bernaise sauce, compliments with bacon wrapped button mushrooms. The additional side of horseradish and caramelized onion mashed potatoes pretty much killed us. 

As if it wasn’t enough, our waiter brought us complimentary cotton candy and sugared homemade donuts, despite Adam ordering a cookies and cream sundae complete with “magic shell” topping.  Did I mention the champagne toast compliments of our our waiter?

I am pretty sure I don’t need to continue. Hands down, one of the best restaurants we’ve ever dined at.

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