Chasing Dreams and Fighting for Glory

My W R I T I N G  is
in a
M A G A Z I N E!

It all began last fall on a day where I had decided enough is enough with writing. I had written something that so completely accidentally made major waves and I was defeated. Angry at Satan for stealing my purpose, angry at myself for not thinking more clearly, frustrated and beat down, confused at what the limits were to my writing, completely weary. Not only that, finding a platform for my words to actually be seen is much harder than it sounds. And let me be real--making a Facebook page for my blog was super uncomfortable for me. I was feeling vulnerable. Embarrassed. Low.

I leaned H A R D on my tribe {too many of you to tag}, expressing my emotion and they all followed through with top-of-the-line encouragement. Those women, above all, know my passion for writing and were determined to not allow me to give up. I sat on the brink of tears at dance as my friend, Yvette Doonkeen Simpson , poured truth into me. She spoke words over me that I had so easily forgotten and was determined to push me to keep going.

After we parted, I glanced down at my phone and saw an unfamiliar name had sent me a message. Usually, I would ignore this, but something pricked my spirit to go ahead and open it right then. It was a message from the publisher at Southlake Style magazine.

I re-read the message. Then again. And again. And then a fourth time, each time with eyes glistening slightly more.

Mike, the publisher for Southlake Style, had discovered my writing through Fort Worth Moms Blog , noticed we had some mutual friends and that I am a former Southlake grad, now back in the area raising my children as Dragons. He wanted to know if I would ever be interested in writing for his magazine.

Would I be interested? It’s almost comical.
Y E S!!!!! Thrilled, over the moon! When a stranger has faith in you, it changes everything.

I was ready to give up, throw in the towel, and hunt for a new passion. I was ready to shut down that embarrassing little Facebook page that no one even sees and make writing all a distant memory.

Fast forward to two weeks later and Mike and I were chatting over coffee at Buon Giorno, discussing writing, how Southlake Style got started, my passion for the pen and story-telling and their needs at Southlake Style. Writing for Southlake Style became very real.

The Lord was nowhere close to being done with me.

You see, Satan was working. The last thing Satan wants is for God's love to grow and through my blog, His love grows. He had to stop me and he darn well nearly did.

But God.
He is so much bigger. So much greater.
And so much more powerful. 

Not only did He provide an opportunity to remind me that He has given me this talent to use for good, He has given me the chance to meet GREAT, INFLUENTIAL people like Olivia Bennett Teeuws and share THEIR stories of strength, resilience, passion, and philanthropy.

The Lord has made me a story-teller of the goodness that still exists in this world.

So here we are today, February 2, 2018, and my very first published piece {in a magazine} is in my hands, and soon to be in all of Southlake's.

If you've made it this far, you can clearly see that this is so much more about the journey than it is the published piece.

Here is to never stopping the chase of your dreams, even the ones you never really knew you had. Here is trusting when your faith is faded. Here is to believing in yourself when you had begun to forget how.

Whatever you are dreaming of in 2018, friends...


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