Are You Illuminating or Obscuring God with Your Words?

This packs a punch.

How often do we think about how every word that comes out of our mouth does one of two things: illuminates or obscures the character of God?

Let me be honest.

When it comes to adult interactions, I am always aware of this. I try to remember that for every person I encounter throughout the day, I have no idea what they have on their plate, what their morning looked like, or what is looming in their future. I try really hard to give both strangers and friends the benefit of the doubt and watch my words carefully as we speak.

But when it comes to my kids, I completely forget that everything they hear me say to them, every action, is doing exactly the same: illuminating or obscuring the character of God.

That gets me, y'all. Like really, really gets me. They hear me throw verbal fire when everyone is moving too slow to get out of the house, they hear me talk to myself in irritation at the person who just cut me off, they hear me when I am impatient with them as I write and they interrupt.

How many times of day are the words that exit my mouth obscuring God's character in front of them?

At four and seven, there isn't a single person who has a bigger role in illuminating God's character than parents do.

My seven year old thinks creatively, lives her life to role play, and loves storytelling. Often, this means we get exaggerated stories and "high hopes" that may translate into questionable statements. We are constantly telling her to choose her words carefully, aiming to accurately retell the story.

While that is an entirely different context of "watching your words," I need to be asking myself that when it comes to my attitude with them. How often am I stopping to watch my words and their delivery to see how they may reflect the character of God, who is supposed to be in me?

Children can be frustrating. The move slow. They don't always meet our expectations. They don't always obey.

Same can be said for our relationship with Christ as adults.

We are slow to listen to Him when He calls us to action. We don't always meet His expectation. We certainly don't always obey. But the character of God is always illuminated against our mistakes.

Do I illuminate this character for my children? Do you illuminate it for strangers?

Whether your struggle is revealed to your closest loved ones, strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, or children, let's work together and focus on our words. Behind the keyboard of our computers and our phones, in person, and every other way they come, the words we speak have the ability to breathe life or deliver death.

Be wise.

Choose life-breathing, God illuminating words.

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