What Is Your Power Source?

Twenty-Seventeen ended gloriously for me.  I am not going to sugar-coat it.  It was a great year for our family.  Great friendships, incredible memories, thriving children.  We had a lot to celebrate, but we also had a lot of busy-ness.  

Being cozied up in pajamas, book or pen in hand, is my jam and I took full advantage of the freed up time to spend nearly every waking hour during the final two weeks of December just like that. 

But then that laziness continued well beyond "R&R."  I kept thinking to myself, "I'll get back into the swing after the New Year."  Nope.  Then it was, "after school gets going, I will get back at it."  Nope.  The excuses kept coming to miss church {see accountability chart}, my legs forgot what running felt like, and I didn't even want to read or write.  My four favorite passions: the Lord, the Gym, Writing, and Reading were all at a stand-still.  

Something was missing.  If I was using my past history as a gauge, I would immediately begin to realize I had fallen into another depression slump, but that simply wasn't it this time.  

I was full of joy and high spirits yet completely sedentary.  I had become joyfully lazy

We had an insanely busy fall, so at first I granted myself grace and understood that this time of rest was necessary.  As it continued, however, I began to get really frustrated that I was missing my spark.  Initially, the answer was simple:  get back to the gym, your energy will increase, and you will get back at it.  So, I pushed it.  I tried but that energy was still no where to be found.  I wasn't coming home ready to zip around the house cleaning or magically inspired with writing or craving to spend my down time with my nose in a book.  I just wanted to sit. 

Increasingly frustrated, I did what I least wanted to do:  I picked up my Bible. 

Why wasn't I doing this in the first place?  Because I had become bored.  I did a FABULOUS fall study of the Sermon on the Mount which kept me so engaged, but that ended in November.  In addition, as much as well love our church, the sermons have been falling on deaf ears.  I find myself making grocery lists, to-do lists, planning my week, and before I know it, I have no idea what was said and then the motivation to get to church completely disappeared.  

I had lost my desire for the word.  

Late January was now upon us and man....everything had become a struggle.  Everything on my to-do list brought me little excitement.  Excitement was doing wasteful sitting binges.  I found myself looking everywhere for the perfect workout, the perfect book, the perfect blog topic...and now the perfect bible study to embark on to CHANGE THESE WAYS.  

And here is what I discovered:  NONE OF IT EXISTED.  

My power source was not found in any of those resources, friends.  

Perfect didn't exist because my outlet for power was dead. 

Last week, after my "perfect bible study" search ended, I dusted off a bible journal in which my sister gave me TWO years ago and decided to just crack open my Bible.  Throw it all to the wind and do what I know best:  STUDY THE LIVING WORD. 

I chose the book of Galatians and found a SOAP bible study method specifically for Galatians that laid a solid guideline for which verses to focus on.  Instantly, I was hooked. Finishing my verse of the day quickly became my top priority.  Not only that, I was driven to do more than one verse a day.  In fact, I wanted to do it all day while the kids were at school.  

The Lord led me to Galatians and before I had even moved to chapter two, I knew EXACTLY while He led me to that specific book.  While 2018 was wonderful, such is life to have a few curveballs thrown at us.  One of those curveballs sent me on a mission to justify myself against some friends, whom while they are not friends I see or talk to frequently, I hold dear to my heart.  I unexpectedly spoke briefly about this in a live video I did on January 30th, but friends, I just cannot tell you enough about the POWER of HIS LIVING WORD.  How quickly it rejuvenated me in ways having nothing to do with said situation, while at the same time, addressing it and the importance of what my focus should be.

You see, we search everywhere for a source of happiness, a sense of belonging, acceptance, a way to find freedom.  When we can't find our motivation or our path to what we are looking for, we blame everything. 

Look at my own example:  "If only I can get back to the gym, then I will have my energy."  How misplaced was my source or energy? 

My power source is in nothing but the Lord.  

He is my full power.  

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus calls his disciples to be the light of the world.  

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  Not do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." 

The function of light, whether it is a natural source or through electricity is to GIVE LIFE, to rid darkness, to sustain energy.  This is our call, friends.  To expose darkness through our light.  One cannot hide in a lit up room.  

But where does this "light" we are called to live in come from? 

Lightbulbs cannot generate light on their own.  They must be connected to a power source.  We must find our power source.  Even Christians misplace this source, but once it is found, it cannot be denied. 

My light was dimmed.  My power was faded.  My energy was gone.  

My power source is the Lord and I was not allowing Him in.  

In matter of verses, my energy and light had been restored.  I had been reconnected to my power source and now the light cannot be hidden.  

No matter what kind of place you are in today, ask yourself, "What is my power source?"  Who or what am I relying on for my power and how does that motive effect the light that I shine?" 

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