Living in the Pursuit of Passion

Passion ignites a beauty that far exceeds what the eye can take in and the heart can feel. It is the spark that ignites life and is the inspiration behind every dream. Chasing every successful brand, company or influential person, there is a fearless heart running with complete abandon for what sets their soul on fire. This passion is how we change the world, our own lives, and each other.

A world without passion is a world without color.

Think about all that we can see, all that we can feel, all of those things that bring such beauty and function to our lives. Aside from creation, every bit of what makes us tick began with a passion burning within someone’s soul.

This passion leads us to create, motivate, change, and use the gifts we were given to make an emboldened mark on this temporary place we call home.

The truth is, what we are passionate about has the ability to affect many, however, we often fail to give credence to its power. Our grand ideas make us second-guess whether our simple passion is all it takes to make something successful bloom. Instead, it is fear that blooms. Fear of failure, fear that we are not talented enough at our passion, fear that we don’t have what it takes to pursue our heart’s desire. But that’s the incredible thing about this emotion called passion.

Passion isn’t about so much more than the details, it is about the love.

For many, like myself, taking our passion to the next level is scary. But don’t you think Steve Jobs found it slightly unnerving when he quit his job and was left wondering what to do next?

He said in his famous June 2005 Stanford speech, "I really didn't know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down, that I had dropped the baton as it was being passed to me.” Jobs added, "I even thought about running away from (Silicon) Valley. But something slowly began to dawn on me. I still loved what I did. The turn of events at Apple had not changed that one bit. And so I decided to start over." 

No matter how he felt when he took that risk, there is one thing he had that is undeniable: he had confidence in his passion. Confidence combined with such love is a dangerous thing with cataclysmic results. And in Jobs’ case, now we all live and breathe his passion brought to life in all of Apple’s products.

My love for the written arts and storytelling began at a relatively young age. I had no idea this love was actually a passion building and stirring within me at the time, but as the years passed and I noticed that I always gravitated toward writing in some way, I realized that this was so much more than a love, it was a passion. My passion. It was a way that I could leave my mark on this world. It was the way that I was called to utilize my gifts to encourage others.

Pursuing this passion has not always been easy. I have struggled with confidence. I have given up. But never have I let go. That’s the thing I have learned. Our passion never lets go of us, it is us who let go of it. It is us who believe in quitting rather than pursuing.

It isn’t just what we dream of doing, it’s chasing that dream that sets us apart from the rest. 

Whatever you are dreaming of becoming or creating today, for whatever your heart is beating, don’t give up on it. Follow that heartbeat with confidence, optimism, and dedication. Persevere through the challenges and trust your heart.

What defines your passion isn't your means or your talent:  it is your heart.

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