One Simple Trick to Not Lose Sleep Over Nighttime Bedwetting

We’ve all been there before...

Our child wakes up in the middle of the night after wetting the bed. We trudge through the dark, stepping on every LEGO possible, wrestle with their freshly pee soaked sheets, as we mentally search for any blanket, towel, or sheet we can find to make it to daylight.

If we are lucky, we find a decent fitted sheet, but then trying to figure out what direction the dang fitted sheet goes while in our sleep induced fog creates long streams of curses under our breath.

Our youngest, who is almost five, hates the idea of wet sheets just as much as we do. Although she’s dry 80% of the night, she is a  S U P E R HARD SLEEPER and the mere idea of waking up wet sends her into a frenzy. I don’t blame her, but we have got to ditch the “just in case” diaper.

So we found a solution.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s worth sharing.

After a few rounds of this painstaking madness, we realized that all of this could be solved within minutes if we layered fitted sheets in between waterproof covers.

Take a close look at the picture

We basically double (and if you are just beginning this trek, you could even triple) the waterproof fitted cover and fitted sheet so that *if* we have an accident, all we have to do is strip a layer of the sheets and go right back to bed.

Y’all. It’s so quick and so easy that you literally can do it in your sleep.

The next morning, I just pop the set into the wash and done.

If you have hard sleepers, give this trick a shot and don’t let night time accidents steal your sleep!

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