{Testimony Tuesday} Jennifer.

Meet Jennifer. She is a part of my #testimonytuesday and I have been just chomping at the bits to share our time together. It's more of a God-wink, actually, but the label really doesn't matter. What matters is how divinely we both felt God working.

Something about Jennifer, despite my craving for just "being still" and at peace during my massage, just kept me engaging her in conversation. I felt the stirring of my soul as we spoke, but I hadn't the slightest clue of how the Lord was preparing me for Jennifer and Jennifer for me.

As Jennifer spoke, I learned that she is nurturing, a people-pleaser, a lover and so very kind-hearted. I was inspired by her gentle words and thought to myself that her calm nature is so much of what I long to be but struggle to find.

Somehow, we found ourselves discussing the realities of friendships, marriage, parenthood, and life-balance as we realized we both wholeheartedly rely on Jesus to make it through the day. I sheepishly admitted that my prayer life could use some strengthening and that I tend to forget that my conversations with God are not limited to just nighttime when I am in the midst of falling asleep. While I find myself digging into scripture constantly, the intimacy in which I have with God is not where I would like it to be.

That's when Jennifer told me about her passion for writing and art therapy. "I write letters to God," Jennifer said. "I have a special place where I hand-write and keep them," she went on, noting that others are welcome to read them.

I know. You're probably not seeing the testimony in that, but something about her beautiful character combined with such a tender way to be near to God, struck me somewhere deep. While I have long heard of prayer journaling, I have never really thought to use writing, which is so clearly my therapy, as a way to communicate my prayer to the Lord. I was so inspired and encouraged by this time with Jennifer and how the Lord used her to glorify Him to me in a place in which I am so weak.

As we continued to speak, Jennifer revealed more about her heart for writing and passions within to do something with that writing. After hearing her heart, I was filled with goosebumps seeing that the Lord wasn't just hoping that Jennifer would encourage me, but that I would share what He has done in my life through writing and glorify Him by encouraging her.

So I did. I shared my writing journey and how uncomfortable it was to make this page, even how Satan has tempted me to stop already. I shared how Fort Worth Moms Blog has led to so many opportunities that I never in my wildest-dreams expected and all of it started with a little whisper from the Lord and no hope from the flesh. Piece by piece the Lord has hand-crafted this design, even the meeting of Jennifer and myself. I can only hope that her time with me that day was as inspirational and encouraging as my mere minutes with her was to me.

You see, God is everywhere. We can choose to think irony or happenstance or nothing at all, or we can choose to acknowledge that our Creator is continuing to create new and more within ourselves constantly. He brings people into ours lives for a fleeting moment that can have a lifetime of impact and he can place some in our lives for a lifetime, in which He intends for US to impact.

So, Jennifer, if you're reading this tonight. Go for it. Chase that dream and shine your light. It's already brighter than you will ever know.

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