The Inspiration Behind the Heart of Imperfection

I have always believed that genuine beauty exists when the heart can truly be seen, but the problem is, we work so hard to hide what is found deep within that rarely anyone receives the gift that our imperfections can give.

We are afraid for people to see our messy, to know our brokenness, to sense our loneliness, to see where we struggle most. The enemy convinces us that we are only worth love and acceptance if we show the world our perfect. Our perfect marriages, homes, vacations, friendships, children, and the list goes on and on. Darkness convinces us that our imperfect is a shame. An embarrassment. A weakness.

But it isn't our perfection that inspires others at all. In fact, portraying perfection is often times exactly what hinders others most. It is when we open ourselves up and reveal our true self, hold our head high amongst our imperfections, share our struggles to seek support and build community despite our numerous weaknesses, that we inspire others most.

It's not about who we are when everything is perfect. It is about who we are when nothing is perfect.

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