Nine Things I Wish I Did In College

Ah, college.  The days where time was just a number and responsibility was making sure I did my own laundry once a week and still make it to class.  I still giggle thinking about the summer of my freshman year when my parents told me that I could either get a job or take summer school, but doing "nothing" was never an option.  I chose to work, but being in my prime years of tanoerexia, I just couldn't bear to be inside all day when the sun was so bright.  So.  I got a job at the local car wash, worked just long enough to be ineligible to register for summer school, then quit.  Who would hire me when I could only work six more weeks before summer?

It was a brilliant plan that would only work one summer.  The rest of my summers were spent taking minimum courses to avoid a job.  Funny considering I CHOSE to work my last two years of high school (at a tanning salon, albeit. I am telling you...that tanoerexia thing is legit) and ended up saving $5000 in 1999 all on my own.  I had work ethic, I just clearly needed to save it up for a better time so that by the time I was old and 25, I was still driven and motivated.  Sigh.

I digress.  I loved college.  I made incredible friends, met the love of my life, and genuinely loved learning, but looking back, there is so much that I would do differently.  At 19, life just looked so different.  It was the first time "freedom" really sunk in, choices that were made were mine and mine alone and literally...the t i m e.  There was so.much.spare.time.  No one could have ever convinced me that in ten years, I would be going to bed at night begging for more hours in the day.

Often, I look back at my college {and really pre-kid} years to where I had so much time and think back at what I would have done differently.  How would it look if I was 15 years the wiser?

1.  Woke Up Early. 
Slow mornings over coffee (let's be real, I didn't even need coffee then) that would never have been interrupted.  That would have been living life.

2.  Read More.
More novels, more newspapers, more of the bible, more textbooks.

3. Exercised Daily. 
There are so many benefits to working out, but the main one would be to form healthy habits young. Exercise promotes better eating, better habits, and a clear mind.  If I had exercised more, I sure would have....

3. Drank less. 
I am not saying that I regret my time having drinks with friends in college.  I don't.  But had I spent more time exercising, I probably would have drunk responsibly and had the same amount of fun without the day-long lethargy the following day.  And if I drank less, I definitely would have...

5. Found a Church. 
If my life in college could have been summarized with a one-word motto, it would be "ME."  Life was all about me and little about God.  Now that I am in my thirties, I could fill days with listening to sermons, reading the bible, and journaling how the Lord is moving in my life.  I often think of how I had all the time in the world to make my mark, but I was too concerned with myself to see the needs of the world around me.

6. Served Others. 
And if I would have seen the world around me as it was really was, I surely would have served others with more passion.

7.  Went on a Mission Trip.
A simple mission trip in college could have easily changed the course of my life and flipped my motto of self to motto of others.  I had all the time in the world and no fear of how my children would fare with my halfway across the planet somewhere.

8.  Valued a Penny. 
Money had no value to me.  It wasn't because I was from a ridiculously wealthy family because while my dad made an excellent living for us, we weren't dripping with money.  But for some reason, I thought my twenty-year-old self-was and financial mistakes made at that age don't easily go away.  More than that, the habit of undervaluing a penny creates more problems in the long wrong.

9. Tanned Less. 
Lastly, had a valued a penny, maybe I wouldn't have spent so many of them on covering my body with sun damage and potentially skin cancer.  :) 

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