Completely, Divinely, Beautifully Free

You know that feeling when you're searching for comfort but you are going to all of the wrong places, then suddenly, God's word is divinely breathed into your life? That happened to me last week.

I was feeling burdened by how something I had shared last week inadvertently, negatively effected others. While I stood strong in my truth, knowing that it was meant for good, my heart was tattered at the thought that others were unable to see my heart, to see my pain, to see my faith, to see all the grace and forgiveness and protection I had been walking in for so many years, unable to see that I was not sharing someone else's story, but instead my very own testimony.

Mostly, my sadness was that in a time where the new me was meant to shine, evil took hold and all my faith, all the strength and obedience it to took to be a warrior for God over the last few years in this situation, was suddenly completely gone. It was as if all of my faithfulness to Him (and others) was a total waste. None of it was seen.

It was a moment where I hurt for others as an unintended result of my actions and was upset with myself for creating what I had, yet I was confident in my well-thought-through decision and knew full and well that the pain caused was not by my defect. This was an act of evil interceding in a moment in which was meant to share God's light and His divine intervention.

The result of the light of the Lord being covered in darkness, and me seemingly being the one who brought the cloud, left me shattered.

You see, the problem here was that I knew the truth, but I was FEARING MAN. I was fearing what others thought of me and it was grieving my soul. I was fearing what MAN had not seen, ignoring that GOD had seen it all. I was letting the fear of misperception, of guilt, of anger drive my thoughts and emotions.

I was not standing in faith that those who trust in the Lord and work hard at His work are kept safe. I was not remembering that to share the works of the Lord in our lives so often brings discomfort. I knew wholeheartedly how in this situation I have protected and loved hard and loved fiercely and granted grace and forgiveness in which can only be supernaturally explained, yet here I was, feeling a snare. By man's standards. Not by the Lord's.

The moment I read Proverbs 29:25, I was freed.

Y'all. Completely, divinely, beautifully freed.

The burden was immediately lifted, my mind was cleared, and my heart regained it's confidence knowing that no matter what a few may think and what worldly consequences I may face, the Lord will keep me safe--even if part of that safety is rejection.

I think we so often forget that this life isn't about what man thinks of us, but what Jesus knows of us. It can be so challenging to rest in that peace, trying not to justify or defend yourself, but at the end of the day, none of it matters. I created this place to be LOVE-FILLED, to be TRANSPARENT, to be REAL, to be FULL, to be FREE. Starting with me. Ending with you.

It is my hope that, today, someone reads this exact verse just as I did last week and is completely freed from their fear of man. Don't let fear of man get in your way of sharing His truth, His light, and His goodness. Trust in Him. Follow His ways fully and He will protect you.

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