A Little Cup of Kindness

I am constantly amazed at the selfless people that God has placed in my life. Tonight, I needed childcare in a complete crunch. I walked over to our amazing neighbor's house to ask if they would be able to watch the girls for me to run up to the school. Without hesitation, Mrs. Terry committed, but she wouldn't be available in time for me to leave. She wasn't going to let that stop her, though. She was dedicated to helping me out.

We walked next door to our other neighbor, Mr. Chris, and asked if he would mind if the girls hung out with him and his three kids (yes! three!) until Mrs. Terry could back. Again, not even a blink and he not only said of course but also offered to get them dinner if necessary! As if the offer to feed my children at the last minute wasn't enough, he completely blew me away when I showed up thirty minutes later with the girls and he opened the door and exclaimed, "Hey, girls! Y'all like chocolate chip cookies? Wanna make some?" Seriously!?


When I arrived to pick up Preslie and Blakely at Mrs. Terry's house, they were red faced and their cup had been filled with joy while I was gone. But what filled my cup was seeing that Mr. Don was ironing her dresses for her trip she was leaving on tomorrow. She has an out-of-town speaking engagement this weekend. Yall. She offered to help me with my kids instead of preparing for her big trip. And her husband helped her while she was helping me.

Yes. Those kinds of people surround us on our street and are part of our world. It's not just that. My other next door neighbor, Ms. Ann, spent three hours a week this past August helping Preslie brush up on her reading before school started. Dawn, up at the top of the street, rushed down one summer night with road trip supplies on a whim after she found out my mother in law was in the ICU and I had to get to Houston with the girls alone while Adam was in Mexico City for work.

You see, I am in total awe of these selfless people. Why? Because being selfless is not easy for me. Selfishness is one of my biggest weaknesses and one of the biggest hurdles in life. Oh, but how the Lord has shown me what a gift it is to be so utterly selfless, extending far beyond my neighbors and into the lives of my very best friends, with people who have hearts to give and their service, their love, their selflessness teaches me so much. It encourages me that I, too, can break this curse and learn from them.

Friends. This is what being the hands and feet of Jesus is and I am so thankful for these hearts of pure gold that God has covered me with. Thank you to all my people, and you each know who you are, for loving our family fiercely even in the mundane.

I am learning. Don't give up on me yet.

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