Letting Peace Be More Important than Your Fight.

Here we go again.

Another day waking up to our country in turmoil.

To be frank, I haven't followed the specifics of this latest "silent protest." I can tell you that I disagree with Trump, but I am not here to place opinions on who is right and who is wrong with this whole scenario.  That's not why I am writing this today.

I am writing this to tell you that I am tired. Tired of this country self-destructing, breeding it's own kind of hate. 

Tired of watching friends bicker and name call and turn to personal attacks, family members publicly denouncing one another, and don't get me started on the comments to strangers behind the screen.  I am not seeing the issue at hand any longer.  I am seeing hate.  And isn't hate what "we" are trying to fight?

This hate, friends, no matter what your opinion is, is driving exactly what everyone is trying to eradicate. We are not leaving a positive mark on this world by ruining relationships over who is right and who is wrong. Through these heated debates, yes, we may realize someone doesn't share critical viewpoints that define or mark our personal lives, and we may discover said people are not who we want to surround ourselves with, but friends, by no means does that make them worthy of hate or anger to a destructive magnitude.

It means you are fundamentally different. It does not mean you are enemies. It does not mean that you have a right to withhold love or kindness.  

That is what evil wants.  Goodness does not want or promote or rally for destruction.  Ever.

Isn't part of being a good person, someone who loves others no matter what?  Isn't that part of what we are fighting for?  For love to be given to EVERYBODY regardless of their past, their gender, their religion, their beliefs, their status?

Diversity is a BEAUTIFUL thing when we do not allow it to destruct our relationships with others. 

I am not just talking about loved ones, I am talking about enemies too. We are not called to ruin relationships with others because we disagree. We are called to unite even in those disagreements to become better people as a whole. Better people who disagree but create change. Create hope. Promote positivity.

Yes, it makes us cringe trying to understand the viewpoints of others that we do not understand.  It may even make us angry.  The topics make us feel HARD and REAL and for some, entitled.  And yes, I am talking to myself as I write, because I, too, have fallen victim to withholding love out of disagreeing with someone's viewpoint.

Conflict and diversity are not the problem here--they are necessary for much-needed change. It's how we have chosen to respond to those differences that becomes the problem. 

We must humble ourselves, America. We are all fighting to be right, to be heard, to be seen, to be redeemed, to be validated. Fighting the past, fighting the future, but no one is fighting with CHANGE.  It's all words of disdain, silent and aggressive protests alike. Where are the peace-filled organizations?  Where are the people out volunteering in droves to show their hearts, to show their passions, to effectively create change?

As I ironically wrote in my piece about the Christian's call for peacefulness last week (if you are a Christian, please take the time to read how God views our role in conflict) : 

Don't let the desire for what you want to be more important than your desire for peace. 

Folks.  It's real.  We need to seek our goal with peace in mind, not destruction.  Yes, we fight for the change we see that is needed, but we don't fight with venom and expect a change.  We don't fight using a platform that we know divides or disrespects.  How are we being any better than who we disagree with if we choose methods in which we know will offend others, without getting our point across "silently."  We fight with heart and with passion and with compassion and empathy and love. 

We need more responses that are solution-driven other than bashing, assuming the other person is {insert name calling}, and destroying relationships.

Today the issue before us is kneeling or standing. But the truth is, kneeling or standing takes no effort. I am not talking opinions here on who is right or wrong.  I am talking about the effectiveness and whether it's worth destroying a relationship over.  

Hear me now.  I am not stating an opinion on where I stand in this national debate because I understand the fragile state at heart.  I hurt for the men and women in our armed forces who have bravely fought for our country.  I hurt for those who feel oppressed and unseen and invalidated in our country.   It isn't about that.  I am merely calling for us to LOVE underneath the disagreement.  I am calling for us to put our relationships over the issues--yes, still fight for what you believe, but not at the expense of a family member or friendship.  Seek love through the conflict, friends. 

Instead of ruining relationships over your stance, be the person who puts in the actual EFFORT to make change in your community, the one who gets their hands dirty, and seeks a solution. Don't under-estimate the ability of how just one person can change the course of many. Can you imagine the impact of the "peaceful protests" we would see if those who oppose took their strength and intense emotion and put into action?  Because sitting on the sidelines takes no effort at all.  Starting a non-profit, linking up with your local government, raising money for a charity who supports the cause you're fighting for--those are actions that make far more of a difference than condemning a family member for their perspective or kneeling on the sideline.  Put those raw emotions into something fruitful, not fruitless.  It's easy to love the harmonious, but real love shows when you love in through the discord.  She does personal character. 

So who is today that you are going to let your positive, love-filled actions tell your story, your beliefs, and your mission?  How are you going to make that impact on the word that encourages, not

Whatever it is, as long it's love-filled, it won't lead you astray.   


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  2. So these three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the best of these is love. ASB And sharing love is a value of peacemaking! Thank you, Meg. Love to wake up to your Loved Filled Way!