An Orange County Tour: Orange County Beach Towns

As part of our super quick and exploratory tour of Orange County, we took a lazy Saturday morning trek towards the Golden Coast. 

While California is not the place for us to live, it's beauty simply cannot be denied. 

Each stop filled with succulent and bright colors.  The sand and the surf whipping in the air.  A culture completely different from Texas yet unique in it's own right.  

We enjoyed the most amazing dinner at Nick's Laguna Beach.  Think beach vibes mixed with Texas cuisine.  Our hearts could not have been more at home. 


Our trip was filled with a lot of gloom and misty skies, but not even overcast weather could hide it's beauty.  

Sunday morning, we woke up and headed for north along the coast towards Huntington Beach, a staple of my time living in California in the early 90s.  We could have watched the surfers for days.  

I wish I had more to contribute about this trip, but it simply wasn't a tourist trip.  

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