Be The Change You Seek

Saturday, January 17, 2017, women all around the nation gathered together to walk on behalf of women's rights.  While I did not walk, I am all for championing and empowering women.  I am grateful that we live in a country where women have the freedom and the opportunity to express themselves and be heard.  The women who walked peacefully on Saturday with class, maintaining their dignity, choosing their words wisely and covered with love, walked for many, many women across generations who never had that chance and I greatly appreciate their efforts.
The thing about it matter how large the numbers may be, crying out and showing solidarity in mind won't effectively solve anything.  Stay with me here.  Let's not mince my words:  The Women's March is a representation of something beautiful and when done respectfully, should be applauded, but what if we took all that power and we put it into action?  What if every. single. person who marched backed up their actions with deeds?
What if for every hour spent tenderly preparing for and marching, the participant turned around and donated that same amount of time, talent, or treasure weekly to an organization that supports the population in which they feel is being threatened?  What if we, the women of this country, came together and devoted our time to climbing into the trenches with the oppressed, the marginalized, the battered, the broken, the poor, the needy, the sick, the elderly, the teen moms, the abandoned babies, the uneducated, the non-English speakers and we used that energy and power to teach them, love them, nurture them, care for them, bring them up, and assist them?
We need not underestimate the power of our ability to create the change we seek.
Because Ladies.  We can.  If we want change, we have to BE the change we hope for and that starts with helping others more than ourselves.  It means we have to dedicate our time, treasure, and talent not just in walks of protest, but in daily efforts to tangibly enrich the lives of others.  If we can get out there and DO this in the numbers we saw marching Saturday, we would make far more of an imprint on the lives of those we are marching to defend.  Yes, many women who took part in the march are donating their time, but let's be real... most are not.
It's time we get out there and show the nation more than women marching, but instead show our great strength as women while we come out in record numbers to educate the uneducated, mentor the lost, teach English to the immigrants, serve at women's clinics, pray with battered women in shelters, hold the scared teen mom, and do whatever it takes to breathe back life into the one's whose rights are unrecognized.
This doesn't need to be the "beginning of a resistance" but instead the "beginning of strengthening the weak."  It's easy to march for yourself, but where the revolution really occurs is in the action of doing for others.
Don't know where to start?  Here are some local {Dallas Fort Worth area} organizations that could use your help. *most are for women's rights, but the list is not exclusive to women, also including marginalized demographics
{and a special thanks to all of you in the DFW area who helped me compile this excellent list of local resources; if you're reading this and you are not in DFW, I encourage you to share this article and ask your Facebook friends what local organizations they support!  You will find their answers rewarding.}
Teen Pregnancy

Mentoring Youth


Women's Safe House and Support

Immigrant Immersion

Single Parenting

Women's Health

Sex Trafficking

General Organizations to Help Others

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