Rebuilding My Writing World

Many of you who were faithful followers of our family blog may recognize a few posts that are archived below.  If you are one of those people, you know how devastated we were to learn about how our privacy had been so violated through that blog, which led me to the decision to make it private.  It was right the decision, but I was determined to not let evil win.  Not long after that decision, I decided to start this new writing space where I could share my successes and failures, journal my shortcomings, highlight God's transforming love, and continue a little of what I loved to do.
Truthfully, it has been so difficult to rebuild.  It has been difficult to find my voice.  When I set aside time to write, I often come up empty.  I decided that to launch this new space, I would pull some old content over and use it as starting point.  It has been a much slower progression that I had expected, but I think in time, I will be back at it.
A few weeks ago, something was posted on social media to a Word Press link.  I attempted to start there, but WordPress was a whole new world and I just couldn't keep up that drab site.  The formatting makes an OCD mama like me absolutely crazy and I nearly gave up every time I tried to restart.  I tried it for as long as I could, but it just wasn't for me.   I started this one instead and I sure am hoping I can give it life and character like I have on my family blog (you can still follow that if you'd like--click the "Our Family Blog" tab for more details on how).

Not being able to share fun pictures and silly stories of our lives has been challenging.  So if you're one of my old faithful's, bear with me and if you are new to this blog, know that while this site may look crazy strange and seem so out of sequence, I am working at it and hopefully in years to come, it will come together exactly as envisioned.

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