Planning the Perfect Girls Trip

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for travel! Whether it's a family vacation, running off with my husband for a few days, or a girls' trip {shh...don't tell anyone that this is my favorite type}, I am always game! I love it SO much that I wrote A Quick Guide to the Perfect Mom's Getaway for Fort Worth Moms Blog to get the ball rolling for those of you out there who have always dreamed of a girls trip but could just never seem to get the logistics together.

After you've read that post to check out the starter steps below to getting your R&R time with the girls underway!

So we've covered the basics of who, when, where, what, and you've even learned how to get it started, but there are a few more things that I want to share with my fellow Type A travel planners that have made some of our trips better than the rest!

  • Personally contact the concierge of the resort you plan to stay and make personal connections with the travel planners or home-owners if it's an AirBnb or bed and breakfast. These people LOVE to make your trip perfect and often provide special surprises like room upgrades or special touches to your stay!
  • Fall {late September to early October} works great for parents with children who have started school or are in preschool. This is also hurricane season so beach trips come with a risk but are much better on the budget!
  • After Spring Break to mid-April is before the end of school busyness begins and great weather for the beach, although your prices will be a bit higher!
  • Leave on an early morning flight, especially if you are traveling to the East coast to make the best of your trip! We won't even consider a place if we can't arrive before lunch. We only get three days a year, so we make every minute count!
  • Have the type-A friend who most likely planned a loose itinerary calculate potential costs including hotel taxes, Uber fares, and links to restaurants for various destinations to send out before everyone commits. Before everyone books, I send out a pretty rough sketch of what they trip will look like on the pocket book including breakdowns by how many people go.
  • Book the rooms as far out as you can as they almost always can be canceled without penalty!  Also, check the hotels websites weekly as you can always rebook if you notice prices drop!  
  • If you want to charge to the room, everyone get individual tabs then take pictures of your receipt as you close out your tab so that at the end of the trip, it's easy to settle up for what you owe and no one gets stuffed with the bill.

Lastly but most importantly, after six years of girl's trips we have learned a bit about how our bodies feel during the trip! 

Day One
We are always tired from travel whether it's a local destination or a plane ride away, so we generally make early dinner reservations at either a low key resort restaurant or with a quaint dive in town and cap off our night with early bedtimes. 

Day Two
This is what we designate as our activity day!   After a good night's rest, we are always at our best for an early morning of fitness followed by time getting pampered at the spa or hitting the town.  The day we book our flights, we call to secure spa appointments so that all of our treatments are at the same time.  We have found that mid-morning to 11:30ish time frames allow for us to sleep in, slip into a Zumba class, then massage away at our muscles. Not working out? Whatever it is your activity of choice is, make sure to reserve space or book whatever it is you would like to do the same day you book your flight! 

We usually do spa days, so our second night there is always our "late" night reserved for dancing and/or any other type of nightlife or specialty activities like concerts or comedy shows.  Anything that we would be out late for, we do it this night so we have the next day to rest, nap, and recover!   

Day Three
We plan nothing for our last day.  We either lounge, hit up the spa for more, or fly by the seat of our pants!  It always ends up being a blast and filled with laughter, especially come nightfall.  Night three is usually when we do our pajama night or night around the resort playing super fun games that leave us in stitches.  We hit the hay early-ish and are always well-rested by the time our midday flights roll around.  

Bidding farewell is always sad, but after three days away from the family, we are secretly chomping at the bits to hug everyone's neck!  

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