Intentional Stillness

In this season of life, "being still" takes work. It requires intention. There is always something to be done: a shoe to be found, homework to be done, somewhere to be, a countertop to be cleaned, laundry to fold. In all that's to be done, life can become overwhelming and being still is often moved to the bottom of our priorities.

When we take the time to be intentional about that stillness, we see where God wants to be intentional with us. His Spirit is a life-giving Spirit; we need just to be still and let Him move within us.

Every week, I crave this stillness, but I especially need His reminders of my purpose this week. While I am tempted to grumble about the things I am unable to do, instead I should be praising Him that Blakely is okay and seeking His intentions in slowing us down. Starting my day with "Be still and know that I am God," {Psalm 46:10} is a great reminder of today's mission.

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