{Girls Trip} The Return to Camelback Inn

Three days out of every three hundred and sixty five days per year, our husbands {without a single complaint}, hold down the fort and send us away for total relaxation, unlimited sleep, warm, uninterrupted meals, full days at the spa, laughter that makes us cry and sometimes, tears that bleed into laughter. I am so thankful for these three short days every year. While taking the time to go on these trips doesn't always come guilt free, it sure is worth it. Time with girlfriends is so precious and 
never taken for granted. 

Camelback Inn 2016 was all about sunshine, thunder, cacti, fitness, spa days, fire pits, uninterrupted meals, laughter {lots and lots of laughter} and friendship.  We arrived early Wednesday morning and were greeted with supreme excellence:  not only did we score an early check in, our room was AMAZING.  We had a fantastic view of Camelback Mountain, the Phoenix Mountains, Mummy Mountain behind us, and the city.  It was simply breathtaking.  

We had our favorite and very missed Prickly Pear Cosmos sent from the lobby to the pool where we spent the rest of the afternoon.  

Later that night, we showered and headed down to the hotel's newest restaurant, Lincoln.  It was a gorgeous night so we sat outside with a view overlooking the hotel grounds and Camelback Mountain.  Having a great meal with great company and great conversation is the perfect way to start a girls trip.  We ended the night early and went to bed at 10!  

The sunrise on Thursday was just as gorgeous.  I woke up earlier than the other two and walked the hotel grounds, taking the beauty in.  I grabbed a coffee and sat out in the courtyard reading before heading back to do the same on our patio.  

When Paige and Becca woke up, we packed our bags for a day at the spa and headed out for the total physique fitness class.  Let me just tell you a little bit about this class.  Our teacher, (Sophia maybe?), was a 26 {twenty-six} year old immigrant who had just moved here from Cuba.  She is a professional dancer, ballerina kind, and had the most limber body ever.  We did an hour long work out where our bodies were the weights and she did NOT go easy on us.  HA. At one point, I was laughing because I just could not hang any longer on a certain exercise and she says, "Stop laughing.  It makes it harder," as she chuckled at me.  She had a great sense of humor and was so sweet, but she was serious business...especially when she nearly popped a hamstring on each one of us as she bent our calves to the backs of our heads.  It was awesome.  In a hard kind of way. ;)  Ends up, she was granted political asylum from Cuba and is here to make a better living for herself and her family.  They are still in Cuba and she can never return based on the political assylum.  If I could have understood her better, I would stayed and talked with her all day.  But I couldn't, aaannnnddd, we had spa appointments right around the corner!  

After our class, we put down our bags at the spa pool and headed into the spa where we sweat anything we had left in us out in the steam room, followed with cold showers, then the most wonderful hour long massages ever.  Both Becca and I had been attacked by allergies before we left Texas so we opted for eucalyptus oil and it was amazing.  

We went by the pool for some lunch and rays of sun afterwards.  Just like last time, we had plentiful sunshine above us, but all around us, it was cloudy.  In the distance, rolls of thunder bounced off of the mountains and it was my kind of heaven.  Around 3:30, a monsoon rolled through sending us into the indoor whirlpool as the rain pounded the sky light above us.  If it's going to rain on vacation, that's the way to do it! 

At about 4:30, we made out way back to our room to get dressed to go out in Scottsdale, where we saw David Spade (ha), and for our reservations at Olive & Ivy.  We were blown away to see that Hilary had sent us a bottle of champagne and berries with fresh cream and chocolate to have while we were getting ready!  I mean, what?!?!?  For a little background, we were originally booked back in February to head to the beach, but this summer, a wedding for an adored loved one popped up and we had to move the date (which if you've ever worked with an airline on changing a flight, they are about as unforgiving as it gets) to mid September instead of mid-October.  At the time, all was good, but then Hilary's move in date for her new house they have been renovating got moved up to RIGHT when we were leaving.  She ended up missing her flight and the trip.  :(  Her heart is so generous and so loving.  We missed her SO MUCH.  The trip was as to close to perfect as it could be, but without her, it's hard to say it was perfect at all.  She misses the trip and sends US the champagne and berries with chocolate?  Amazing love that girl has. 

We went to bed around 11 and woke up ready to zumba!  Except....Zumba was cancelled.  At first, we were SUPER bummed, but when you are with such great company, it's hard to let something so small get to you.  Instead, we pulled up the Fitness Marshall on our phones, hooked him on up to some bluetooth speakers and spent 45 minutes in their fitness room trying to hang with his dance moves.  I am SURE people who were walking by thought we were crazy, but we did NOT care.  This guy had us drenched, heartbeats racing, and about to pee our pants from laughter.  He starts out every video teaching you what to do, then he just lets it loose.  It's impossible to stay up with him, but it is SO. MUCH. FUN.  I think we went through at LEAST ten songs.  We didn't get any videos or pictures, so I will leave you with one of his videos! 

We spent the rest of the day by the pool doing what girls do:  drink fruity drinks, lay on floats, read, and talk, talk, talk.  There were several other girls trips going on around us and we often found ourselves eavesdropping on what their conversations were all about.  One mom, clearly straight off of her flight still in nice clothes, walked up to her friends in their swimsuits and said, "I know.  I just can't believe it.  He called me and I was trying to board my flight and he didn't understand why the gates were locked and what to do.  So I said to him, 'Well what time was it?' Then he said, '8:15,' and I said, 'School doesn't even start until 9!'"  We died.  It just made us realize just how normal our lives are between friends, husbands, etc, we are right there with the rest of those mamas on girls trips. 

Our day of fun led us into an afternoon of Triller making.  If you have never heard of Triller, it's a super fun app where it takes one song and makes a music video out of the cuts you make.  I am NOT posting any examples, but will leave you with this little collage of a few of the "takes" we had.  :)  Yes, yes I am jumping into a super five star hotel spa's whirlpool while 16 seconds of rap music was playing through my fun to make the video.  Don't judge.  I think the two women who saw were a little jealous of our fun anyway.  

Early Friday morning, I got a super surprising text that one of my very best friends from childhood who lives in New York was heading to Scottsdale to visit that very day!!!  She asked if we could meet for happy hour and I was ALL OVER THAT.  I showered and changed really quickly and met them back at Lincoln for a drink.  It was seriously such a treat to see both Karah and her parents.  We only had an hour together, and I wanted to hear SO MUCH MORE about her life, but time was so very limited.  We saw each other last when I was pregnant with Blakely so it was time for a long hug with this beautiful girl!  Ironically, when Paige and I went to Santa Monica a few years ago, I ran into to her twin sister, Heidi, and her mom!  

I met Paige and Becca at dinner in the courtyard of the resort afterwards.  It was the most beautiful night. The weather could not have been any more perfect and neither could the company.  We ate, people watched, and sat by the bonfire until our eyes fell heavy.  I could have used about three more of those night exact nights in a row.  

Before we knew it, Saturday was upon us and we were trying to figure out why we didn't just book until Sunday.  We slept in, had a nice brunch, and headed to the airport.  We were not ready to come yet but are already planning and looking forward to Girls Trip 2017.  

Our return to the JW Marriott's Camelback Inn marks our 5th annual girls trip, second time to the JW {see last year's trip here} and third time Scottsdale {our visit was to the W}!!!   One of our other favorite trips was down in Austin, too!  And we can't forget Santa Monica! 

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