{Girls Trip} 36 Hour Version

A super quick trip down to San Antonio!

Becca picked us up from the airport and we went straight to The Shops at La Conterra. We shopped all afternoon and ended up getting semi-makeovers at MAC on the fly. I had been wanting to try red lipstick, but in the middle of the day? Yipes. A little much, but hey, I ended up loving it for night! Becca was made into an 80's Barbie, equipped with a "smokey eye" made of purple shadows. Double yipes. Paige, on the other hand, scored the best with a full new palette including her new mauve lipstick. For some reason, we all three had the biggest kick over the word mauve, as if we had never heard it before.  It's the little things when you are with your best friends and sans kids for a couple seconds. Hilary had to settle for some basic gloss though.

We enjoyed drinks at Whiskey Cafe and a little more shopping after drinks. Yeah. Never good but ohhhh so much fun. 

 We went home around 10 to make a Triller video, but we were greeted with a major buzzkill when we saw the terrible news of what was unfolding in Dallas. I can't go there right now. We were glued to the TV until after midnight.  I am pretty sure I sit alongside most of America when I say I can hardly begin processing the tragedies of all of these senseless murders, yesterday's post about seeking love and my post with the prayer from our pastor pretty much sums up my thoughts.  

The next morning, Paige and I shocked ourselves with how long we slept. Around 9, NINE, we came out and enjoyed the morning with Brooke and Carson, Becca's little ones. We ran some errands and had a FANTASTIC lunch on a patio. Before we knew it, it was time to take Paige back to the airport. Major sad face.

When we got back from the airport, Adam was at Becca's house and we all got ready to head to dinner. Becca and Casey were amazing hosts and had picked out the NEATEST urban area of San Antonio to go out to! It is called The Pearl and it's a little hub with small boutiques and eclectic, unique dining options, all with crazy cool decor and a hip vibe. We had dinner at a great restaurant called Boiler House and enjoyed after dinner drinks at a little place called The Blue Box. We finally made our Triller and it beat out expectations when we made friends on the elevator with some fellow "Ignition" lovers. :)

The decor of the whole Pearl area was really awesome but I didn't get near enough pictures.  Boo. 

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