Sights Set On Cabo

{Part 1 of 5}

There is something really special about Los Cabos. Tucked between the larger towns of Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose, Los Cabos is a quaint, cozy, relaxing destination surrounded by deep blue and turquoise seas, perfect weather, and boasts of Mexican hospitality at its finest. The hospitality is what stole our hearts.

When we were planning for our ten year wedding anniversary trip, we scoured the internet searching for the perfect beach destination. One that was full of relaxation, sunshine, fruity drinks, and beautiful ambiance. We looked all throughout the Caribbean and Mexico but were consistently drawn back to the Hilton Los Cabos. Its awesome views and exceptional reviews caught our attention and it didn’t hurt that Adam had, well, half of a million points saved up with Hilton.

 Then came Hurricane Odile in September of 2014. The category four hurricane took direct aim at Los Cabos, the Hilton in specific. In a matter of a day, the entire town and hotel was completely destroyed. It was standing still, but suffered extreme, almost irreparable damage. I remember searching for the footage of the hurricane pounding the peninsula and seeing the visitor’s horrifying Instagram photos, reading how they had to be airlifted to the closest cities because the Cabo airport had been literally destroyed. {google: hurricane odile Cabo} Although I had never been to Cabo or the Hilton, I felt the devastation. 

But we were determined to go, even more so now than ever. 

After an 18 month wait to get there (recovery and our own personal schedule), we finally made it!

We woke bright and early Thursday morning beyond excited to get on that plane.

When we arrived, we realized that we were on the same flight as some friends of ours from church who have a home in Cabo. In the kindest gesture, he offered to take us to our hotel since he would be passing it on the way which saved us some time and made us feel a little safer in an area we have never visited. We had nothing to worry about at all; the people of Cabo are wonderful. From the moment we stepped on the Hilton property, we were greeted with smiles and the most accommodating service that we have ever received. 

We were taken to a La Vista Club {pictured above} which is a concierge club for guests to receive extra care. The amenities of the La Vista Club piqued our interest so we decided to splurge and go for it. It was the best decision. Through this service, they handled all of our needs, they provided snacks/drinks/water chips and gauc every day at 2, appetizers at 5, cocktails at night, private butler and select seating during the day, and really, so much more than I can even mention. If you notice Adam wearing a bracelet in the photos, this is why. Members of the La Vista Club are given bracelets for access to such amenities as listed. We started out with two complimentary margaritas and were whisked away to our room. We were so impressed with our view and couldn’t have been happier. We noticed that our room had beautiful sliding plantation shutters, but those dark, blackout curtains that everyone loves in a quality hotel room were missing. We just shrugged and said, “this room is still awesome.” At that, we changed into our swimsuits and headed pool/beachside for the remainder of the day.

While by the pool, we noticed that some of the rooms DID indeed have those black out curtains so when we got back to our room, we decided to call housekeeping to see if something went wrong with ours and if we could get them back. A quick call minutes later revealed to us that unfortunately, rooms in the La Vista Club did not have curtains as the feature was the beautiful rolling shutters.  They were beautiful, but we even sleep with black out shades at home.  :)  I went on a limb and politely asked if we could possibly just have some sheets to over up the shutters. I was perfectly okay with a, “No that’s against fire code,” but I didn’t get that. I got another call back from Joanna at the front desk asking if I was interested in seeing another room.

Feeling a bit bad, I almost said no but then I decided, why not take a look because she did offer. A fine gentleman named Gumaro was sent to our room. Shorter than me, he had the biggest grin on his face as he walked me from our current room on the highest level to the elevator. He said, “Miss, I know you may be unhappy that it is on a lower level, but I think you will see it’s a much better room.” {insert thick, high pitched accent that makes you smile}. He heads to a door that I would later see says, “Suite 4047.” He opens the door and I notice that it is a bit bigger and that it has a full front view of the ocean. He smiles bigger and says, “Senorita, take a look at the fine terrace.” Impressed with his English, yet struggling to understand his exact words, I study him and walk forward as he slides open the patio door. Stunning views all around, a lounger for two {or three}, another table and chairs, a huge umbrella stare back at me as he says, “You like this? You want me to have keys made for you?” I die. Somewhere along the way, I must say, “Of course,” because he is on the phone calling down to Joanna to make more keys. I ask, “Can we keep our La Vista Club benefits with this beautiful room,” knowing that it was far more than we paid for.

He nods and smiles, “Yes, yes senorita.”

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