Wish Night 20th Anniversary

We had long been awaiting the events of Saturday night. Every year, the Kelly's invite us to attend Wish Night, a charity gala benefitting the Make A Wish Foundation. Wish Night this year was extra special because our wish kid, Parker, was in attendance!!!  From his stylish converse paired with his dapper suit to his infectious smile, he has made a huge imprint on our family's heart. Wish Night has always been a fantastic and emotional night for us, but becoming a Wish Granter and seeing this wonderful soul's wish from it's inception to him becoming a Wish Ambassador has been nothing short of life changing. Parker IS what Wish Night is all about. Thank you, Parker, for bringing so much love and joy to our lives. 

The highlight of this year's gala was when Tommy Austin, the founder of Make A Wish, granted a wish to a boy who is wheelchair bound to become an FBI agent for the day.  He came out alongside his family where Shelly Slater, the emcee, asked his family about their journey (always a tear jerker) and the wish kid about his life.  She asked him on a scale of a 1-10 of happiness, where he was at that very moment while looking at over 1,000 people smiling and cheering him on.  When he said, "An 8," the crowd laughed.  Shelly then asked him what could bring him to an "11" and he said, "For an actual FBI Swat Team member to be here."  Shelly gave a face as if she was a little let down and that his request would be a little tough to do when suddenly, bursting through the speakers came the Mission Impossible soundtrack.  As I type this, I am FILLED with goosebumps.  The double doors in the back of the room flew open a group of an FBI Swat team came storming through the ballroom in full gear, followed by a suited man, and headed to the stage.  How do you not burst into tears of joy?  After a fabulous introduction, the director of the Dallas FBI field office read a letter to the wish child inviting him to become a member of their swat team for a day.  Before it was over, each SWAT member either tore a patch from their gear, gave a hat, or another AWESOME item straight off of them as they walked by, hugged him, and let him know that HE is far more courageous than they are.  {insert tears again, three days later}.  He was presented with a SWAT tactical gear vest and then the live auction began.  Wise marketing, Make A Wish!  :) 

The live auction began with donations for individual wishes and after seeing a wish revealed and right prior to that, hearing another wish child coming on stage and telling us all about his wish that was granted to be a CIA operative--the helicopter in D.C., meeting agents, etc, the crowd was ready to get bidding!!!  The average wish costs about $9,000 (no wish granters do not finance the wish, but are the liason's between Make A Wish who does finance the wish and the wish family) and the goal of this year's 20th anniversary was to grant over 2000 wishes which meant over $2 MILLION was the gala goal!!!!  With that large of a goal, the live auction wish granting donations (before we got to the live auction actual items) goal was $300,000.  I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it was to watch the tally go up on the screen that far surpassed $300,000 in a matter of minutes.  Simply amazing.  Before the live auction began, over $500,000 was raised!!!!!   What a wonderful night Saturday night was, watching Make a Wish North Texas achieve their goal in raising over $2 million  for more children just like Parker to receive their one true wish.  

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