Walk for Wishes 2016

Last fall, I decided to become a wish granter for Make a Wish foundation.  I was exposed to the organization through Paige and obviously knew she worked at Make a Wish before having Piper, but had never heard her talk about wish granting.  I shot her a text one night that said I was going to sign up for the wish granter training if she was interested in doing so as well.  She was!  It turns out, that wish granting is done in pairs, so had she not, I would've been paired with someone I didn't know to help grant wishes.  My introvert self would have probably been a little too shy for that, so I sure was glad that she was game when I asked her.   After becoming more involved through wish granting (I will be posting about the first wish we granted eventually--it was an AMAZING experience), I thought it would be really fun for our family be a part of Walk for Wishes.  The little boy, Parker, whose wish we granted was also going to be walking so I knew it would be a really fun event for the whole family alongside Parker's Dream Team!  We signed up and began raising money!  The event was this past Saturday and it was a blast.  Preslie did not complain one. single. time in the 3.1 mile walk and was as happy and joyful as always.  She makes me so proud.  Blakely did not like getting up early and was a little temperamental before the walk began, but once we got going, she was happy-go-lucky and enjoyed the ride!!!  We are very thankful that the Kelly's have introduced us to this organization! 

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