Parker's {STAR WARS} Wish Reveal

 I was having lunch with Blakely, watching the midday news {for the weather of course} when I was suddenly surprised by the promo for a segment after the commercial break. Before I knew it, my phone was ringing from family who had clearly seen it too!!!  I couldn't believe it but WFAA had picked up Parker's story and were airing it as a part of their Flight for Wishes drive to raise money and donations for Make A Wish foundation!!!!  You would have thought I had never heard of Parker or his story before now with the speed of my joyful tears, but Paige and I have actually had the honor of being Parker's Wish Granters!!!!  

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about our recent Walk for Wishes and how Paige and I got into wish granting.  Although it had been awhile since Paige had gotten back into wish granting, she has always been very involved with Make a Wish, so this was not new to her.  For me, it was all very new and I am so lucky to have had not only my best friend as my partner in wish granting, but also someone who knows the organization so so well.  In January, Paige and I received our wish kid, Parker!  Within a week, we had a meeting set up to meet Parker, his family, and find out ALL ABOUT HIM and what is one true wish is.  Meeting Parker's family, sister included, was such a pleasure.  He is a complete Star Wars fanatic and is literally the happiest kid ever wanting to go to the happiest place ever to be a part of the Jedi Training Academy.  We could not wipe the smiles off our faces after meeting that sweet, special boy.  A couple of weeks later, we found out that both Make A Wish and Parker's doctor's approved his trip Disney World and the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy and it was time to reveal his wish to him!  What happened next just simply rocked out world and soon, would rock Parker's too. 

Heather, Parker's mom, had mentioned that a pep rally was approaching for the Diabetes Walk at school and the moment Paige and I heard that, our wheels didn't stop spinning.  We immediately contacted the principal at Parker's elementary school and asked if she was okay with us having a small part in their pep rally.  By small part, we asked if we could possibly invite some Star Wars characters (if we could find any available in just two short weeks) and if maybe we could invite some cheerleaders and have some cool music.  We had a vision, but we really weren't sure if it would match her's or be appropriate.  We were stoked when his principal was ALL. IN.  She shared our huge excitement and that was just the beginning of we learned to be an insane amount of love for Parker by the entire community.  After we heard from her, I contacted the well-known 501st Legion, which is a legit Star Wars character non-profit organization where all of the costumes are hand made and must be "Lucas approved."  They mean SERIOUS business and usually require weeks and weeks of notice, but the moment they heard Parker's story, they were just as excited and amped as we were.  I sent our contact with the 501st a list of Parker's favorite characters and was BLOWN AWAY when he told Paige and I that all of his favorites would be there, including a real Chewbacca!!!  When we secured the 501st Legion, we realized this was a really big deal.  I asked my brother in law, Chad, who is a Christian film producer if he could come or maybe get one guy to film everything so that we could have it saved for the family.  I was blown away when not only he that he wanted to help, but when he secured an ENTIRE crew with so many talents and options to make this even more incredible.  Mrs. Travis, the principal, in the meantime had secured cheerleaders, Student Council, and other high schoolers to assist in making this Diabetes Walk Pep Rally, all about Parker and his wish.  Absolutely amazing.  Chad's team put a spin of creativity on introducing everyone and even brought breakfast for all of the people involved.  His crew set up a room where they were able to interview the family, his teachers, the school nurse, and other people who are influential in Parker's life so that it could be part of the video to save forever and ever.  My eyes still fill with tears thinking about just how many people of the community came together to make this day beyond memorable and special.  I mean, really--there is just something about strangers going above and beyond to see a little boy whom they've never met, smile. 

What started as just having a couple of Star Wars characters standing there as Paige and I revealed to Parker that his wish was be granted ended up being ALL of Parker's FAVORITE Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion {aka:  the most legit Star Wars characters you can get}, a full film crew, cheerleaders, student council, school district representatives, and news media!!!  Now, the news media was definitely a huge surprise to us, too!  Have you seen that YouTube of that teenage girl being interviewed on live TV and she just started peeing on herself?  Yeah, well, that is what Paige and I felt like when we saw the news media there!  Again, though, all to celebrate the happiness in this young boy's life.  Simply amazing. 

I would have to say that the morning of February 19th was one of the best morning's of my life.  It wasn't just Parker's reaction that got us, but the SCHOOL's reaction.  Looking out into a sea of elementary kid's as they chant, "PARKER! PARKER! PARKER!" and cheer as if they were the ones going to Disney World was just icing on this ridiculously amazing cake.  Everyone, E V E R Y O N E loves and adores Parker--the love for him is so clear.  I am sure Mr. Parker was on a permanent high! 

In addition to receiving his wish, Parker has also taken on being an ambassador for Make a Wish Foundation; Parker is also an ambassador for diabetes and also Cook's Childrens in Fort Worth.  He has heavily involved himself within the program by attending wish kid events, walk for wishes, and now, as a face for WFAA's Wishes Take Flight, a phone-a-thon to raise donations to help grant wishes.  

Next Tuesday, the Anderson's leave for there seven day trip to Give Kids the World Village and Disney World where he will attend the Jedi Training Academy on May the 4th.  You know, "May the 4th be with you,' day!  :)  Paige and I have been preparing this week for Parker's send off to Disney this whole week, so to be sitting and having lunch and see his heartwarming story unexpectedly air on the highest rated DFW news station, you get super giddy and you decide that maybe for today, it's okay to get back on Facebook so you can share the story in hopes of raising even more money for a great cause.  More donations means more wishes for children just like Parker, so please, if you can, donate to Wishes Take Flight through WFAA or directly to Make a Wish foundation!  

The Full Video of Parker's Wish Reveal
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