{Girls Trip} Where Time Stands Still

A few of my girlfriends and I jetted out of town last Thursday {the one before actually, ha} for a little mom's getaway to the Camelback Inn at the JW in Scottsdale, Arizona.  All I have to say is that if you ever get a chance to relax at this resort, TAKE IT.  As I packed and prepared for our trip, I began to get so overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. I thought to myself, "Girls trips are so fun in theory," but when push comes to shove, I always second guess at the last minute how my girls will do without me. How will I do without them? Will they miss me as much as I miss them? Did I tell them I loved them enough before I drove away? Will they long for their mama's hug when they fall and get a boo boo while I'm sitting poolside, margarita in hand? Will they be okay without me? I am within arms reach of them 24/7, 361 {of the 365 days} a year and there to catch every tear and share every laugh, yet every single one of those 361 days, my impatience fails them. Somehow, though, those four short days, despite how eager I was to leave, I'll be wishing I was putting them to bed instead. Having time without them is much needed for balancing my life, yet so very foreign to me. Time away, uninterrupted adult conversations and laughter with friends feeds my soul, and I always, ALWAYS come back a much more patient and fun mom, yet in the hours before take off, I am filled with such guilt. It's in that moment that I just had to breathe deep and know that it would be okay to just be MYSELF aside from motherhood for just a few days. It was time to clink our mimosas and drink that mom guilt goodbye while saying HELLO to warm meals, great friends, heavenly massages and a little bit of sunshine.  And that's exactly what it was. 

We spent day one laying next to the pool, eating a few times, sipping some cool drinks, and waiting for everyone to arrive.  

Later that evening, we took the advice of a local friend and hit up a restaurant called Second Story.  The atmosphere and concept of this little whiskey bar {fun fact: none of us drink whiskey} was really amazing.  It had the feel of a prohibition era {modernized} speakeasy with a story to tell.  The employees looked as if they were out of the 20's and the menu was designed to reflect that as well.  The drink menu was eclectic and neat, highlighting famous prohibition era drinks then easing into modern drinks as well.  They had over 400 types of whiskey with impressive casing to show them off.  The decor of the establishment was modernized, but dark and roaring.  It was really something.  

However, despite their menu being tasty, their portions also resembled something from the Great Depression.  I ordered the salmon and I believe the full portion was gone in maybe five bites.  Becca, Andrea, and Paige all ordered the same dish, a stuffed pasta of sorts, and each of the three pieces were about the size of a .... I actually don't even know because they were so minuscule that I never actually saw them; I just heard about them...while sitting at the same table with them.  Despite the portion control, we still really enjoyed our time there.  When we decided to head back to the resort, while I was pulling up my Uuber app, a cab stopped and without even thinking, we jumped right in.  Let me tell you about this fella. 

A. We had to tell him where we were going.  As in...he needed directions from the out of towners. 
B.  He ran a red light, stopped in the middle of the street, reversed, popped it back into drive and proceeded to...ask again where we were headed.
C.  His English was really, well, not English at all. 
D. I was texting Adam to track my phone. 
E. I got shoved in the front seat to witness all of the erratic driving while the girls were in the back dying because they were finding bullet holes.  
F.  He turned the air on artic blast and I felt like I was in some model shoot with hair flying everywhere and into my own mouth.
G.  When asked about the holes, he first looked at me and said, "Hole?  What a hole?  I don't know what that word mean?"  Then followed it up with some jibberish about how he was driving an old police car.  That was maroon.  

I must tell you.  Although, I was fairly certain that he was going to take us off into the desert and leave us there for ransom, we could NOT stop laughing that entire cab ride.  How does this stuff happen to us?  

We got back safe and sound, obviously, and ordered a couple HUGE slices of decadent slices of chocolate cake to the room and called it a night.  Fantastic. 

Early the next morning, I woke up and went to grab a coffee and do a little bible study while enjoying the scenery.  It was bliss.  The girls went and did zumba, but I opted out and went poolside.  Another fun the resort is massive and instead of being in a tower like a typical hotel, we were in little adobe casitas spread out at the foot of Mummy Mountain with an excellent view of Camelback Mountain.  Due to how spread out the resort was, they took us from area to area in a fun little golf cart.  Well, lucky for me, on the first ride, I JAMMED the heck out of my knee on a random metal bar getting out and it took a little time to be able to, eh, not limp.  Needless to say, I skipped out on Zumba.  When the girls got back, who had a blast laughing and dancing their booties off, we all headed to the hotel spa area where there is a separate pool, restaurant and other amenities.  It was quiet, serene, and perfect. We had great sun, yet all around us were pretty big thunder storms.  The view was something else.  We had lunch there {or chocolate fondue for me} and then headed into the spa for quick showers followed by relaxing spa treatments.  Just as we were about to go in, a huge haboob/dust storm rolled in bringing with it nice storms and rain.  Of course, I loved it, especially when it thundered during my massage.  BLISS.  We rinsed off, went back to the room and got dressed for dinner with Paige's sister and her friends who were also vacationing at the same place and a couple of friend's of Andrea's who live in Scottsdale.  We headed down a little early and caught happy hour where we discovered the most amazing drink ever.  I mean EVER...the Prickly Pear Cosmo.  Hello, delicious.  Hello, tipsey.  :) Dinner was great and afterwards, we went back for one more cosmo where we enjoyed some fun girl games and laughter. 

Saturday morning, we all woke up completely refreshed and rejuvenated and headed out to breakfast followed with a hike up Mummy Mountain.  Oh, that hike. For starters, I was glad my knee gave me a reprieve to enjoy doing something we never get to do because we laughed so much that I nearly peed on that little hillside too many times to count.  Again, the weather around us was stormy, but we had nothing but sun while listening to thunder.  We had a really hard time following the actual trails, so we made it about as far as we could then headed back down.  The views were great and so was the company.  Doing life with these girls is always a trip in itself.  At the base of the mountain is a little Western town where they host private events.  We couldn't help but play around down there a bit.  It was really cute! 

The rest of the day was spent by the pool.  We had all dubbed Saturday our "relax and hydrate" day, but about two hours in poolside, we scrapped that idea and the drinks started flowing.  We seriously had NO intention to have more than maybe one drink..............................but then we went from poolside, to poolside bar watching college football {what?} back to the room for the quickest {and grossest "freshen" up ever}, to the hotel lounge for dinner {and a lot more prickly pear cosmos}, a serious 10000 rounds of Heads Up, and before we knew it, we had been renamed by a group of military guys who were apparently watching us and felt the desire to rename us based on our Heads Up skills and we became Sacajawea {then Athena}, JQ, Fifi, and Thor.  Our relaxing, rehydrate day ended up being one of my most favorite days in recent memory. 

Sunday, we woke early and packed up to leave.  Surprisingly, we were completely refreshed yet again despite our shenanigans.  We left for the airport super early, thankfully because the baggage stickers stopped printing after I had checked them.  We had to go in, cancel them, and have them reissued.  Again, though all was well because we were such early birds and still had plenty of time to catch brunch and get on with our flight.  That is until we walked to security to find a TWO HOUR line.  YES.  TWO HOURS.  There was one man in particular who was dead set on not letting anyone ahead of him even if their plane was boarding.  As the minutes ticked, our anxiety was all the more raging.  Finally, I went through the priority line hoping to get through on Adam's status.  Paige stayed back to save our place.  Assuming is such a dangerous thing.  The attendant let me through, but would not let her since she was not with me.  So there I stood by out gate, with last call being paged, and no Paige to get on board with me.  We were FREAKING out.  We HAD to get home.  Not only had the husband's been graciously watching our littles, and I must take this opportunity to brag--Adam spent the entire four days, single handed without ANYONE helping him at all.  I was super proud of him!!  Not many dads would joyfully take the responsibility.  Never one complaint, came home to groceries and a clean house to boot!  Nevertheless, I needed to relieve him.  I was panicking--what does a good friend do?  NO BRAINER--misses the flight and waits for her BFF.  However, at the attendant's desk, they were saying they were missing more than 25, TWENTY FIVE, of their passengers due to security.  What if we didn't make another flight?  Waiting in the balance, not knowing what to do, and Paige comes running to the gate.  That's another story for another time, but I will tell you I popped a Xanax the second I sat on that flight.  :)  Life never fails to be exciting with the two of us!  

So, so long Scottsdale Mom's Getaway 2015!  We will happily see you in the years to come!  I wouldn't mind if every single girls trip from here on out were with you, JW.  Coming home, I felt refreshed.  Happy.  A better parent filled with more patience and appreciating the dirty things of being a mama.  I appreciated my husband and his hard work and dedication to maintain the house and play mom and dad while I was away.  I came back feeling positive, something that had been lacking lately.  It was a wonderful thing and all that mom guilt?  It was gone the second the wheels were down in Arizona.  :) 

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