Part IV: The Stories Pictures Don't Tell.

{Part 4 of 5}

The morning after Edith's, I woke feeling so guilty as I thought, "I definitely overshared on Instagram last night."  It wasn’t even the half of what I wanted to share, but I had to stop somewhere before it became simply obnoxious, although, I am fairly certain, it was already simply obnoxious. I couldn't shake that guilt and before I knew it, this is what my half asleep brain posted on Instagram as I laid on the terrace…

Sleep is still clouding my thoughts. I moved myself from the comfy bed and darkened room to the patio lounger to continue my slumber alongside the sunrise and the ocean sounds. I feel guilty for all of the pictures overshared last night. Someone is thumbing through their feed with a broken heart, someone has been up all night with a sick child or baby who hasn’t slept through the night in a week, someone is trying to figure out how to pay their bills, someone is wishing to be anywhere but where they are today. The thing is, Adam and I have been in all those places before and will undoubtedly be here nor there in the future too. Life is not perfect for any of us, ever. Perfection is a modern day, social media driven fairy tale that we are tempted to believe as we scroll through picture upon picture of everyone else’s “perfection.” Adam and I have worked tirelessly, he providing the home while I make the home. We’ve saved and anticipated this trip for months and months. It’s out week of perfection sandwiched in the middle of sleepless nights, stress, worries of “are we enough” in this world, “adult problems” that life in our thirties has brought. We’d be remiss to exclude thanking the Lord for this moment of rest He has given just the two of us. “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to Me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you because I am humble and gentle at heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy to bear and the burden I give you is light.” Matthew 11:28-30. Five years ago, when we had Preslie, although we had grown up in faith, our true walk and testimony began. He saved us from the valleys and pits of our lives in the flesh and delivered us to freedom, a depth of love we never knew, service, and a life with new purpose, to live for Him. We have experienced many trials through this time, but our faith has been ever so strengthened. Our marriage, our relationships, our lived enriched through the storms—especially in this last years. So as we head into the second half of our trip, I will continue to share the rest He has given to us and rejoice in His mercies and His promises, but not without forgetting the moments of imperfection that the other 359 days of the year and this life hold. We are grateful for Jesus who died upon that cross and bore our sins. For me. For you. For us. 

God's creation can be ever so mind-blowing.
After spending a little time in the feels, we went out and explored a little of the beach.  The sand in Cabo is more like pebbles and broken seashells.  It can be uncomfortable to walk on at times, or you can look at it with a positive mind view that it's better than the white sand beaches because it doesn't get in your every last crevice.  :)  The rock formations that Cabo boasts are truly beautiful.  It's where desert meets the sea and it's every ounce as spectacular as one would expect.  We had so much fun being pummeled by waves trying to take these pictures.  About 100 black crabs were crawling the rocks all around us, surely dying in laughter {if they could laugh} at how silly we looked trying to snap the perfect picture with the biggest wave.  

What I learned about the Cabo residents and workers is this: they have an extreme pride in what they do. Whether they are the housekeeper, a waiter at the fine dining establishment, or the manager of the La Vista Club, they are proud to have a job. They are proud to make the customer happy. It wasn’t just us that they wanted to make happy. We watched them work together as a team to strive to make one another happy. Help each other out when the other seemed to be struggling. They were patient and tolerant with other guests as well as each other. They appreciated their job and their livelihood. We had opportunities to talk with them about their homes, their families, their children, where in Mexico they were born, etc. They are such real people...many of them, waiting on us hand and foot and going home to less than desirable conditions. Not like run down apartments, like barely a roof over their head. After getting to know many of the employees, I began to ask more intimate questions. I spoke with Christian, La Vista Club manager, about what HIS personal life was like after Odile came through. I wanted to know how he and his family had recovered, what he had endured, how he did it. Christian is an amazing man and Hilton is an amazing corporation {what a shame that Paris and other "Hilton heirs seem to not appreciate their own namesake}. Adam and I were already in love with Hilton Los Cabos, but we had yet to discover the secret behind the property. You may not be able to tell in the pictures, but the Hilton Los Cabos is totally open air aside from the rooms. The halls are entirely open air, the restaurants, the lobby, everything. One of the first things I had said to Adam was that I would have been terrified in a hurricane there because there was clearly nowhere to hide. It was like a massive wind tunnel in itself without a hurricane.  Knowing what these people must have endured made me love these employees even more.  Just from remembering the comments I had read about how the staff took SUCH good care of the residents on property when Odile struck, knowing how dangerous it was to stay there but they did so to take care of the tourists, putting faces with names of employees who stayed at the hotel to take care of visitors while their families were in near shack-like homes enduring the same wrath.  He told us about the times afterwards and the shock everyone had when they emerged to see total destruction. He then told us how Hilton was different than the rest. The ones who rebuilt had all opened months and months before the Hilton, but Hilton had another plan. Instead of hiring large amounts of crews (which I am sure they did to an extent), they offered all of the current employees the opportunity to stay on staff as part of the construction crew and as the ones who were going to rebuild the Hilton.  Because of this, Christian said when many of the employees look around, they see where they hand laid the tile themselves, where the women hand stenciled the paintings on the walls, where someone planted the new palm, trees or patched up the pool. Then these same people went home and rebuilt their own homes and their neighbors home; with part of Hilton’s help and part of the help of the Hilton Los Cabos’s GM, 26 employees homes that had been completely destroyed were also rebuilt. Our hearts burst with compassion and pride for all of those hearts and hands who had waited on us. Just when we didn’t think we could love this place anymore… Talk about coming together in a crisis.  

After hearing this that next morning, I happily decided that when I was home, I was going to share the hundred pictures we took because each picture has a detail in it that means so much more than what meets the eye.  Whether it’s rock or cleaned up beach, the retaining wall, or the paint on a background wall…it’s special and it means something to someone.  My earlier guilt of oversharing was washed away for a second reason because if I could send just one other family to enjoy this resort like we have, and meet these people, making these memories, learning about resilience and loving one another, then I will overshare all day long.

This is not a selfie below.  This is an action shot of my husband almost finished with a novel.  A NOVEL.  I can't.  Yoga and a novel?  Is this what vacation does to this man?  

Yes.  This is an ice cream shoppe, a candy store and a Starbucks all rolled into one little cafe within the hotel.  They aren't kidding.  Did I mention that that offer a separate pool with another swim up bar (uuber healthy menu that I wouldn't be caught dead touching), a kid's club with childcare and babysitters, children's activities, too?  All right here by this little cafe.  We are definitely taking the kids someday. 

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