Part 5: Farewell to Cabo

{Part 5 of 5}

Rule number one in the fitness world.  Never miss a Monday.  I say that as if I am in the fitness world.  I am not.  I just like to workout to burn steam and as it turns out, it has some benefits.  I thought the phrase was fitting nonetheless for the way our Monday started out.  Day five.  Jewel toned weights and a view out of the gym.  I am not gonna lie.  It was hard to get myself there, but it felt so good. 

After our work out, we came back and read a little more on the terrace.  If you don't remember, we were gleefully up by 7 all week so we had some time to kill before we hit the beach.  A lovely breeze came through on Monday creating the absolute most wonderful poolside weather.  It was breezy, cool under the umbrella but warm under the sun.  Somewhere in the morning hours, I drifted off to sleep and awoke to Adam already down by the beach.  

Around 10:30, I met him down there and we took off in the opposite direction exploring more rocks and taking silly pictures.  

One of my bucket list items is to do a yoga headstand on the beach.  This is no easy task and I was a but intimidated but I tried it anyways.  Yoga headstand on the unlevel, pebble-filled shore with water rashing through the rocks sounded fun. Okay, the water crashing through the rocks and nailing me in the face is a stretch on the fun part, but you get the point!!!

We ended up by the pool until about 6pm.  I had already finished The Girl on The Train and had about fifty pages left of Big Little Lies and was determined to finish it, even if I was a little a chilly!!  Adam had started a second novel, YES, SECOND and was bundled up in his chair as well.  See the lady behind me?  After taking this picture, she was in that little half cocoon, covered in towels, out like a light.  :) 

We went down for a later dinner but and attempted to sit outside, but the wind was a bit too blustery so we headed inside instead.  We didn't mind much because the decor is so fun. 

All week long I had been eying these hammocks.  There are a few spaced out all over the property and they just looked so inviting, but the thing is, Adam wasn't down for it at all.  Apparently, he doesn't like hammocks.  Something that I never knew in the 15 years that we have been together.  We were staring from the terrace down at one as I was telling him all about how cool they were and how we had one when were little that my dad would sleep in all of the time when suddenly, the lady inside of it flipped right on out.  I cannot describe to you the pee-your-pants laughter that ensued, but maybe this gives you a little peek into the moment.  

Needless to say, I was surprised when Adam hopped on in.  Of course, we couldn't get a picture of us both in the hammock because we didn't want to be the ones who fell out while people were eating dinner all around us, so it's just me.  Weird. 

We took another walk around, me using a towel as a shawl and Adam giggling a long the way about the lady who fell out of the hammock. 

Tuesday morning was the first morning that came too quick.  We were ready to see the kids, but we were not ready to leave our own private little slice of paradise.  We looked all around for some of our favorite faces, Christian, Jorge of the Jungle {as he happily called himself}, Gaudalupe, Joanna, Gumaro, and so many more, but we could not find them.  I left sad without their pictures, but I know we will be back and I know we will see them again.  

Before heading to the airport, we took some more pictures of areas of the hotel that we love.  It was a wonderful time. Truly magical and if you took the time to read all of these entries, you would see why it was so much more than a what met the eye on social media.  

It can't go without mention that my parents held down the fort like champs.  I know how tiring our two precious girls can be, but not one murmur of frustration or exhaustion from the home front.  I knew the girls would be great for them and I knew my parents would be awesome with them, but I expected a meltdown or two, difficult nights, and even a couple venting moments from my mom or dad but it was flawless.  The girls hardly knew we were gone and the house was just as spic and span as we left it.  They went zip lining, swimming, to their favorite restaurants, the toy store, to get treats, Preslie fed the chickens every day, gymnastics camps, and so much more.  Mimi and Poppy took exceptional care of those two babies and we are ever so grateful of that.  Six days is a long time to to not our hear our children's voices, six days is a long time for grandparents to have the kids, but they did an exceptional job.  The bigs and the littles and we simply are so thankful for two parents who see the value in a solid marriage and are willing to make the sacrifice of their time and physical needs to give us the opportunity to get away.  We love and appreciate you, Mimi and Poppy!!!!! 

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