Cabo: Don't Stop Believin'

{Part 2 of 5}

Our first night was nothing short of spectacular. We had dinner at Vela right on the edge of the infinity pool where the service, view, and savory pasta was all equally tantalizing.

As the sun went down, we began to see something that looked like lanterns take flight into the starry sky. One after the other, these sky lanterns took off. Like a real live scene out of the movie Tangled.  {cue:  "at last I see the light" ha, hashtag girl mom}

We enjoyed our dinner and learning about our waiters Cesar and Jorge who also loved learning about Dallas. At the end of the meal, Jorge came over with two napkins, one blue and one yellow, and an orange slice. He called it Mexican Origami as he created a beautiful rose and sprinkled the juice of the orange to make it scented.  He then brought us a special dessert that he made just for us. Service at its finest.

Down on the beach, the tiki bar was jumping, Journey was pumping, a bonfire was lit, people were dancing and HUGE sky lanterns were being sent into the sky one after the other. The mood. The roar of the waves.  “Don’t Stop Believing.” I feel like we were in a movie. But we weren’t. We were just two regular folks enjoying the moment.

As always on an exciting trip, we woke up earlier than we had thought, yet so rested. We were both exhausted from our day of travel and time in the sun. It was a little after 6am in Cabo, a little after 7am in Texas.

We justified that as sleeping in. We marveled at the deeds done by Joanna and Gumaro as we watched the sun rise before throwing on our shoes to get a work out in. We had remembered seeing that the hotel gym set out bikes to ride while watching the sunrise and our little gym minds couldn’t wait to give it a try. 

The view was amazing and absolutely didn’t disappoint. 

Afterwards, we had breakfast back on our terrace where we read a couple of devotionals before packing our bags for a day in the sun. 

I brought two books with me but for some reason, neither were holding my attention. They were good books but just weren’t those “beach read” types.

I asked our La Vista Club pool waiter if they had a book shop and he said, “Ah, no Senorita. No need for book store; we have library for you,” and led me away to a little area where I met our next friend, Jorge “of the Jungle so he says” who opened his cabinet of books upon book upon book. I grabbed three books with the intention to give them each a try and see which one I like, then give the other ones right back. Even though Adam isn’t a reader, I grabbed him a Patterson novel. I have read much of the Cross series and figured he would like it.

We ended up reading all three books.

Before I knew it, this was my scene.

After our eyes got tired of reading, we napped and decided to have a few {too} many cocktails that ended up convincing us to cancel our resos at the beachside steakhouse and head up to our terrace {one of only 6 out of the 500 rooms} and order room service. Best decision ever. After the food soaked up our cocktails, we read as the sun set in the distance. We were both asleep by 8:30pm.

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