{Texas Strong}: Wish Night 2015 for Willow.

Every year, the Kelly's invite us to join them at Wish Night, which is a celebration and gala to fundraise for the Make-a-Wish of North Texas chapter.  Despite being in California, the Kelly's insisted that we attend in their place.  Within their circumstances, Paige and Taylor both made it clear there is no where else they would rather us be than celebrating a cause who gives so much to sick children.  It was a struggle to go without them, but once there, I knew they were right.  There was no other perfect place to be than raising money for kids who have fought a strong fight before they even had a chance at life.  The opportunity and encouragement to continue to go just shows the heart of Paige and Taylor, gracious and pure gold.  We couldn't go without bringing a reminder that Deep in the Heart of Texas, Willow was with us.  

Willow's doctor's out in California all called her "Texas Strong" as she has been full of fight post surgery, so it ended up beinga little bit of irony that we asked Miss Texas to take a picture of us...HA.  We are those people who asked Miss Texas to TAKE our picture, not BE in our picture.  Quickly realized how cool it would be if she was in it with us.  

As always, but even more so considering the miracle that is Willow, were the kleenex in tow as we heard Wish Kid story after story.  It was amazing night full of tears, joy, defeat, love, and excitement.  A BIG thank you to the Kelly's for the opportunity to attend Wish Night 2015!

 Playing with the selfie stick before we left....our beloved babysitter and friend, Barb!  She's the best.  

{Missing:  Pictures with Dwight and Tiffany and TJ and Andrea! The lighting was pretty hard to get a good picture in, but we did try!!} 

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