Tuesday Thoughts.

In the world of social media, hundreds of words are in our faces everyday.  Some of those words come in the form of little pictures with scripture, funny sayings, or just plain encouraging words.  Sometimes, the words slap me across the face and convict me, other times, the words send me into hysterical laughter.  I started pulling the ones that I repeatedly saw into a little folder on my desktop to save for a rainy day.  Today it's rainy and I thought it would be fun to right a few down.  

This first sure was convicting, but so very beautiful.  I was not having a good day and my mood had rubbed off onto Preslie; I had actually even texted Paige, prior to seeing this, that I was totally giving up on my day.  I knew I was the root of the drama in the day, but nothing could break my bad mood.  Of course, twice during that day, this popped into my newsfeed by two entirely unrelated and different people.  It was as if God himself was slapping me in the face to get my attention.  

With a wildly convicted heart, I dragged into my "quotable" file where I hope to some day print find it printed on a canvas to hang in my bathroom as the perfect daily reminder.  Sometimes when I think about someday having 12 and 14 year old girls at the same time, I freak out a little bit thinking of the foot stomping, drama filled days.  Then I think about this picture.  Where do I suspect they will learn the bulk of their reactions to situations?  It's at that moment that I am instantly convicted.  Half of what little four year old Preslie spits back towards me, is my own attitude.  If I want her to be graceful and gentle-spirited, I need to model those behaviors, not losing my lid over a four year old dropping a spoon for the fourth time that day.  Anyways, this picture is beautiful and full of emotion for me. I love it and while I know that she will be her own person and not everything bad thing she does will be from me, I do know there are days that even when I am drowning, I am still her role model and she still wants to be just like me.  

Speaking of myself.  I can identify with this precious little girl myself.  :) 

So one night after my appendectomy and Adam's new job chaos, we were laying in bed exhausted.  The finale of DWTS was on, which neither of us watch, and we were giggling about something random that led us to a Google search.  Once there, we came across a link labeled "demotivational posters" to which raised our eyebrows.  Why would someone want a demotivational poster?  What is  that anyways?  A poster that makes someone feel worse?  That's when we found this ridiculously awesome picture.  We laughed so hard that neither of us could breathe, talk, or even catch our breaths.  It was one of those belly laughters that you will never forget.  Tears flowing from both of us, and our bodies squirming uncontrollably in hysteria.  I don't know if it was really that funny, or if it was just the combo of how we found that page, or maybe because we just needed a laugh THAT bad.  Whatever the cause, I saved it for good keeping because no matter what kind of mood we are in, this poster breaks it.  :)

I have seen and heard this quote many times, and every time, it hits me harder than the time before.  When I really think about it, our reactions to situations are sometimes the only tangible ways for a someone around to us to see and feel God.  Through reading the word, we know that God forgives us, grants us grace and mercy and loves us with a love we can't even fathom.  We know it, but we can't see it.  We can't touch it.  That's what faith is--it's our way of touching and feeling it within our soul.  But sometimes, life gets so hard that we need to feel it and see it and touch it, and the way that is achieved is by someone else's response to ourselves when we least deserve it.  The quote above serves as a strong reminder that it is OUR response to others in which allows God's glory to shine through us and grant grace when our earthly heart doesn't want to, love when our earthly heart says that someone has hurt us far too bad to ever love again, or forgive when the damage is so far done that we even feel like forgiveness is almost a moot point.  Then suddenly, as if out of our control and out of our body completely, he smothers our hearts in love, grace, and forgiveness and we can't even figure out how that's humanly possible.  At the precise time, we realize that we are only a vessel for His love and mercy.  He is using us for people to see Him, and in some cases, that's the only Jesus someone may ever see.  This world is not ours, it is His and we are here to do His work with His power.  It serves as a powerful testimony not only to others watching for a reaction, but within our own story of life, remembering how we knew our earthly ways couldn't possibly know how to respond like this, making the response completely supernatural and full of God.  His glory shines. 

"For God, who said, 'Let there be light in the darkness,' has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ."  2 Corinthians 4:6

 I am so, so, so, so, so, SO THANKFUL for my TRUE friends.  The real ones who smother me with love and truth and encourage me to be better than I am.  The ones who I haven't talked to in months, but in one dinner setting we can be in stitches laughing about old memories while making new ones.  The ones who drop tokens of love off "just because" I am having a bad day.  The ones who forgive my opinionated and boisterous voice when I speak out of turn.  Most importantly, the ones who make me laugh to tears.  The ones who send me articles and pictures and songs and jokes that no one else in the world would ever get, but in one simple ding on my phone, can change the mood of my day.  Reading this quote, I can think of so many memories with so many different friends.  It's the icing on the cupcake to doing life with the wonderful women God has chosen for me to walk alongside.  And it's these ladies that keep me going after being blindsided by the unexpected.  They say it's all about quality, not quantity when it comes to good girlfriends in your life.  I couldn't agree more....I just happened to hit the jackpot and got both.  

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