Wish Night 2012

Make-a-Wish Foundation is a national organization that grants "wishes" to children with life-threatening medical conditions, granting over 215,000 wishes to date.  Each year, the North Texas chapter of Make-a-Wish holds an annual gala with both silent and live auctions to raise money to help grant the wishes of local children in need.  Among all of the incredible things that Wish Night provides, one of my favorites is that the money raised at Wish Night goes directly to the children of North Texas...children who are suffering in our own back yards.  In 2011, the North Texas chapter granted 435 wishes, which is more than one wish per day!  

I know the print is small, but if you take the time to read through some of the wishes granted, you will find the most beauty (and tear-jerker) in some of the simplest wishes like a birthday party, or to meet Dora and Diego.  My favorite off the list, however, are "to meet Paula Deen" and "to be a Jedi at Disney."  So awesome.

Just as last year, we were blessed to see a wish granted on stage before our eyes.  Tears flowed as the mother of adorable Zander told his story of seven years of suffering with seizures and a brain condition called tuberous sclerosis (I think that's right) before presenting the sweet little angel right on stage.  He was so full of life and excitement as his wish to be a zoo-keeper was granted.  A real penguin was there running around stage and all he wanted to do was hold and cuddle it.  Amazing to be in that room with him.  After his wish was granted, the live auction began with the chance to be a zoo-keeper with him.  I was filled with joy when the winning bid was just under $20,000.  Yes, someONE donated $20,000 to Make-a-Wish to be a keeper with Zander.  Isn't the benevolence of some people breathtaking?  So often we hear about the hostility of this world.  Saturday night, we witnessed the hospitality that this world can bring.  To follow Zander's story of being a zookeeper for the day, "like" the North Texas Chapter of Make-a-Wish on their Facebook page! 

The night was filled with tears, laughter, smiles, and good spirits as the local Make-a-Wish kids put on a lively and wonderful show.  We walked around, placing bids, and enjoying our evening {a little too much, I might add} supporting a wonderful cause. 

Thank you, Paige and Taylor, for inviting us to be part of something so wonderful. 

The Husband.
♥ love these girls.
Paige, Brittany, Skylar
Me, Becca 

Thank you, Kelly's!!!!

The Husband and My {texting} Mistress.
Hehe.  Just kidding, of course. 

Surprise!  We ran into old sorority sister whom I LOVE!  :)

Brittany and Jesse!  
Every real party has a photo booth!
Paige, Becca, and I have a funny thing about pretending we are emoticons...
so some of these looks really silly, and some are strange optical illusions! 

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