{Girls Trip} First Mom's Getaway In The Books

Every mom will attest to the idea that sometimes, we just need a battery recharge.  Back in the early spring, when Paige and I were coming off the foothills of the "hardest" infant stages, we began talking about how fun it would be for us to just getaway.

At first, the "wouldn't-it-be-so-fun, but is it really a reality" talks were of NYC or LA, but as we thought more seriously about it, we decided we wanted to go somewhere that we could just completely relax and unwind.  We didn't want to feel like we needed a vacation from our vacation when we returned.  Needless to say when Paige threw Scottsdale out on the table, I was in.  Quite a few friends from high school have raved about their trips to Scottsdale, especially my well-traveled friends Heidi and Karah, so I didn't need much convincing.

Especially when I found out all that Scottsdale is full of...
tranquil spas, abundant sunshine, mouth-watering restaurants, insane outdoor shopping, and a booming nightlife?  

The best part?  All of the above was within walking distance of our hotel, right at our fingertips!  We spent three days and three nights, and could've stayed another two.  It was the perfect combination of rest, relaxation, and fun.  Paige and I were on the same page (ha, funny) about every single thing which made it super easy.  You see, Paige and I are pretty much exactly alike.  We always call our girls "Two P's in a pod," but I think it is really us that are in the pod.  What does Paula Abdul know about opposites attract, anyways?  :)

Our Plan:  
sleep in, eat, lay out, shop/spa, nice dinner, and repeat.

Our Motto:
 Whatever. Whenever.
Just like the W's!

Day One: 
En Route to W, Poolside lunch, Sushi Roku

Beautiful View, Early Morning Breakfast at The Breakfast Club, Poolside Lunch, a new Dipping Bar for Dinner, Nightlife and Dancing at The Mint

A Late Breakfast/Early Lunch (ha), Poolside, Rejuvenating Spa Trip, Room Service, and a Movie

En Route Home, Wrapping My Arms Around My Sweet Boogie

En Route Home, after nearly missing our flight because
our driver needed to do a quick turn around to the hotel
because I someone left their wallet in the room.  Always so irresponsible.


There were many cherished, long talks about faith, God, love, and life; lots of soaked up rays; too much food slowly eaten while still warm; definitely a little dancing; many moments where we felt our age taking over (turning in at 9:30 watching a Disney movie--umm, yeah, old); but more than anything, there was insane amounts of LAUGHTER--the belly booming, tears falling, crouching over LAUGHTER.

We came back incredibly relaxed and recharged with enough stories to create a short novel with strange chapters such as How-NOT-to Hit on Obviously Married Women, Charlie's Angels Minus One, Learning to Love the Fact That Everyone Assumes You Are Ten Years Younger than Reality, How To Utilize Favorite Dance Moves at Any Time of Day in Any Place, What Is Happening Right Now, and I Know It's My Baby Because She Came Out of Me....

Memories were definitely made...
 In years to come, we are looking forward to making many more because annual mom's getaways have officially begun!   Although we know we will most certainly return to Scottsdale someday, we are already thinking up of places for next year!    Maybe a beach?  Maybe the Broadmoor?
Ahhhhh...Who's in?  :)

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