The Sweetest Wish 2011

A few months ago, we received a gracious invitation from our friends, Paige and Taylor, to attend the annual Wish Night Gala on behalf of the North Texas chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation, which was this past Saturday evening.  If you have not had an opportunity to attend such a thing, I highly suggest you add it to your bucket list.  Adam and I were beyond touched by this beautifully unbelievable evening.  

We began the evening taking part in the silent auction which was filled with hundreds upon hundreds of awesome items ranging from simple gift certificates to exotic vacations.  It was a really exciting experience to be a part of.  After the silent auction, we headed into the ballroom for what I found to be an amazing, heart tugging evening.  The tears did not stop flowing the entire time; I, by far, had the hardest time controlling my emotions.  Is that surprising?  Ha..  My favorite part was when a wish was granted on stage right before our very eyes.  Being a new parent of an eight month old, everything about this evening made me so grateful for the health that God has given our Preslie.  When we returned home, all I wanted to do was scoop her up and cuddle her for days.  Following dinner and the ADORABLE entertainment provided by the wish kids (soo cute, by the way, with all the songs having to do with candy or being "sweet"), was a live auction.  I must say, those are super cool!  Not gonna lie though, I was pretty afraid to move fearing I'd be mistaken for bidding on an item.  :)  

After many tears of compassion, joy, and thankfulness, the night began to close.  Not without Paige, Brittany and I devouring the centerpieces stealing our favorite candy out of them when no one was looking.  Hehe.  Highlight?  A jumbo gummy bear!  Overall, the night was a blast.  Adam and I just can't thank Paige and Taylor for extending an invitation our way to such a life-changing event.  We are now looking forward to many other Make a Wish Foundation events in our future, whether we are there as volunteers or attendants, we want to help, we want to make an impact.  

"Make a wish {hope, inspire, dream} and soon you will see what a charm life can be"

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