Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your almighty miracles never cease to amaze me.  Today, the miracle You created was first created inside of me.  I am overcome with emotion at the hand of Your love.  How can something so beautiful and breathtaking belong to me?  As a clear blue sky reigned above us, I soaked up the ambiance of watching Your delicate wind ruffle Preslie's tiny pigtails.  Her innocence consumed me as she discovered some of the world's simplest things: her little hands grasping at the broken grass, her grin growing as she studied Rocky explore the backyard, the way she would look at me and giggle when the breeze would tickle her button nose...every last moment was filled with beauty.  You had me lost in a moment of time, Lord, that I could have stayed in forever.   

As You and I both know, I have had some trying times over the last five months.  You have taught me many tough, but valuable lessons since bringing Preslie into this world.  Today, every last hurdle I've faced vanished into proud accomplishments.  I experienced a peace within myself today that I have never experienced before; I will never forget this gorgeous day and will be forever grateful.   Thank you for Your forgiving love, and thank you for giving me the most adorable daughter that one could dream of.  You have truly blessed my life with an unbelievable love. 

In God's Name I Pray. 

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